The Song of Swords Chapter 13

Outside the shop, he pondered to himself. “If what the shop owner said was true, how am I going to be able to buy a pot?”

Well, guess I’ll go ahead with… Plan B!

Jia Yuan had thought about many things on the way to RockFire City. After all, running alone was rather boring. As such, he had come up with a plan to acquire a real weapon, one he could use in a life or death battle, since running at a bunch of well-equipped opponents with a wooden sword wasn’t exactly advantageous.

So then came another problem. How was he going to get money to buy a sword? The only thing Jia Yuan had a surplus of, was pills. Also, he had only consumed about 30 of the Absorption level soul pills, and about 25 of the Fire based body pills. With his current training speed, he felt content with selling some of those pills.

However, there was a problem that came with this. With his current appearance he was clearly either a slave or a child from a poor family. He feared that if he went to one of the upscale pill stores to sell pills, the store may assumed that he had stolen them. In this case, they might jail him for robbery or even kill him!

With this in mind, Jia Yuan had come up with the first part of his plan.

First, he headed toward a store selling clothing. The store owner looked at him curiously but didn’t intervene. Even though this “customer” of his was a child in faded and tattered clothing, he couldn’t risk turning away a potential customer… after all, he only ran a small store, and no matter what profits he made, he had to pay regular taxes to the city.

Jia Yuan picked out a dark blue robe and a straw hat and brought them to the store owner. The robe was long enough to cover his entire body and hide the majority of his features.

“Hello sir, how much for these?”

“Hm… 1 small fire shard for the hat, and 3 small fire shards for the robe.”


Jia Yuan handed over the 4 small fire shards, and went into a side room in the store to change into the robe. As for his usual clothes, he stored them into his ring.

Now, aside from his face, he could easily pass as a member of the middle class. As for his face, that was why he had purchased the straw hat - He would use the straw hat to cover his face.

He left the store, and proceeded to walk toward the inner parts of the city. This was the first test for his plan. The inner parts of the city were filled with the wealthy and were not accessible to poor people. As such, there was a secondary gate lined with guards to prevent intruders.

After a few minutes of walking, Jia Yuan reached the secondary city gate and walked past the guards without trouble.

Jia Yuan’s heart was filled with glee. So his disguise really did work!

Now, to find a pill store.

Jia Yuan wandered the streets with a discerning eye, judging items with a look of a buyer. Of course, the other passerby on the street who could see him couldn’t tell that he was a slave who was used to living a destitute lifestyle.

But for Jia Yuan, it was rather fun for him to gaze into stores and be invited into them by these wealthy merchants who probably saw more money come into their store each day than Jia Yuan had seen in his entire life.

After spending some time fooling around in this manner, Jia Yuan refocused onto his initial goal. Along the way, he had asked some of the store owners about pill shops and their locations.

From his investigation, he found that there were three reputable pill shops in the city. The first was backed by the city’s governing family, while the other two were controlled by the Army and the continent-wide Black Wing Merchant Guild. He also found that the shop owned by the governor’s family offered the best prices, but the Black Wing Merchant guild would offer special benefits to important and loyal patrons.

As for the Army, they would usually offer a medium price as well as some benefits for purchasing weapons and armor from the Army.

Jia Yuan thought about which pill shop to sell his pills to.

Being able to sell for more fire shards is a good thing, but it sounds like the benefits offered by the Black Wing Merchant guild are unmatched. Furthermore, in the future I will likely be training in other elements, so it would make sense to align with the only choice of the three that has stores all over the continent.


  •' Obstrocity says:

    MC is simply too ignorant for me… he is actually going to sell something like the pills that will help him train, that people in the army probably can’t even use. No thanks, I will be dropping out of this here.

    •' crimson says:

      I know right. He only has 200 each, but he has already used up 25 of one and 30 of another. And there are so many other things he could have done other than sell his pills, such as hunting. and considering the quality of his “song” those pills should be super expensive. However, even though i am annoyed i will keep reading for now.

  •' Rahtii says:

    Didn’t he just kill a bunch of bandits. Couldn’t he have looted 1 sword from them?
    Such shallow writing.

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