The Song of Swords Chapter 14

Jia Yuan headed toward towards the part of the city where the store owners had said the Black Wing Merchant Guild was located. He saw a gigantic building with a pair of black wings sprouting from either side of the entrance.

This store, like the ones in the other two locations, was a general trading location that also happened to trade pills. After all, pills were in high demand, and they were relatively rare. As a result, it was easy to implement a pill shop in a store that sold other things.

I guess this is it... but what the hell is the size of this building??

He strode into the building and was greeted by an attractive female receptionist.

“Hello sir, my name is Shi Guo. What brings you to our prestigious Black Wing Merchant Guild Hall?”

Jia Yuan glanced at the receptionist from under the brim of his straw hat and said in as low-tone of a voice as he could, “Pills.”

The receptionist blinked her eyes in surprise, but promptly recovered. “Of course, sir. I will lead you to our pill specialist on the 4th floor.”

As the receptionist led Jia Yuan through the Hall, he saw many interesting things, amongst them some shiny weapons and armor, as well as some extremely well crafted clothing studded with diamonds and other jewels. He even saw a sign that said “Warning: Poison Exhibit.”

After a bit of this, they arrived at the Pill Shop on the 4th floor. A single elderly man was sitting behind the counter.

Shi Guo said to the man, “Hello, esteemed elder. This guest is here to trade in pills.”

“Thank you Shi Guo.” The elder turned to Jia Yuan. “Hello guest, are you buying or selling?”

In the same deep voice he had used earlier with the receptionist, Jia Yuan replied.  “I am here to sell a few pills.”

The elder’s eyes twinkled. Most people who came would only be able to sell one or two pills, but this young man had said he wanted to sell "a few." “Would you be willing to show them to me?”

Jia Yuan nodded, and from inside the long sleeve of his blue robe, he extracted an Absorption level soul pill and a Fire pill. After doing so, he raised his arm, and placed the two pills on the desk.

The elder carefully picked up the pills and began to examine them. He tapped one of  the pills lightly with a hammer, then used a chisel to slightly scrape off a bit of the pill. He then rubbed this tiny fragment in between his fingers.

In his mind, he was rather shocked. The quality of these pills were simply too high! In fact, despite working for the Black Wing Merchant Guild for more than 30 years, he had never seen pills of such high quality. If he could buy these pills for a good price, the Guild could easily sell them for a huge profit!

“The soul pill, we can buy for 20 thousand small fire shards or 2 thousand medium fire shards… as for the Fire pill…30 thousand small fire shards or 3 thousand medium fire shards. Will that do?”

Jia Yuan didn’t respond. He didn’t even move.

After about half a minute of silence, the elder sighed and changed his offer.

“Very well, we can offer 400 large fire shards for the soul pill and 700 large fire shards for the body pill. I trust that this should be enough?”

The elder had noticed that Jia Yuan didn’t react at all to his earlier offer, which he took as an absolute refusal to the prices he had set. As such, he actually raised the offer by more than threefold. One has to know, that although 10 small fire shards equates to a medium fire shards, large fire shards are hard to mine, and as such are sold at a rate of about 15 medium fire shards to a single large fire shard.

This was also because the elder decided that if he couldn’t make a huge profit instantly by low balling the customer, he would give a generous offer to lay the groundwork for a future partnership. After all, the pills were really too impressive, and it was possible that this guest was part of a noble household or, even better, related to an alchemist.

How could he have known that the reason Jia Yuan had no reaction earlier, was because his mind had completely exploded from hearing the initial offer. As soon as he heard the offer, his mind had quite simply shut down. 50 thousand small fire shards! That was more than 10 times the amount his brother Dou Di had been sold to the army for. It was enough for a small family to live in comfort for hundreds of years.

For only 2 pills!

And apparently, this price was only a low ball offer, as the elder hadn't hesitated much to raise the offer even more! Jia Yuan struggled to come to his senses and difficultly managed to utter a single word. “Deal.”

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  •' cythril says:

    okay he made a fine deal for 2 pills 😛
    i just hope it wont make a habit to him..soon enough hes out of pills and selling those pills just made him a target to every evil character in this story x-x

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