The Song of Swords Chapter 15

Oh wait.

Jia Yuan finally came to his senses and said, “Actually, I would be willing to sell more of the same pills.”

The pill merchant's eyes grew wider.

“I would like to sell, in total, 5 soul pills and 10 fire pills.”

The merchant responded quickly “If they are the same quality as the pills you showed me just now, then we would be willing to offer the same
price for each of them. That should be… 2000 large fire shards for the soul pill and 7000 large fire shards for the body…*ahem* fire pills.”

Jia Yuan didn’t trust himself to speak any further and simply nodded. He again dropped his arm as to be able to draw the pills from his ring without drawing suspicion. After a few seconds, he raised his arm again and placed the promised pills on the table.

“Now, the fire shards?”

“Ah, about that. Esteemed customer, would you like the fire shards to be inserted into your Currency Card?

Jia Yuan was confused. Currency Card? What was that?

Of course Jia Yuan, a slave, wouldn’t know. He had no choice but to ask.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what a Currency Card is.”

The merchant was rather astonished. Someone who had access to multiple high quality pills didn’t know what a Currency Card was??

In his mind, he concluded that Jia Yuan must be the disciple of an alchemist who had spent the early parts of his life in solitary training. This combination not only made sense in relation to the pills, but also explained why Jia Yuan didn’t know about Currency Cards.

“I can explain, esteemed customer. A Currency Card is a card that has been imbued by magic, and is capable of storing certain items. In the Fire Kingdom, most currency cards are only capable of holding Fire Shards. As for the volume, there are low class Currency Cards all the way up to high class Currency Cards. Low class ones can hold up to 500 large fire shards, while high class Currency Cards can hold millions.

This, in a way, showed the disparity of wealth in the Fire Kingdom, which was matched in the other Kingdoms.

A normal family had to scrape together small fire shards, while the richest families in the Kingdom had millions upon millions of large fire shards.

“How much will a Currency Card cost?”

“Well sir, for your needs, I would recommend a Currency Card that is able to hold at least 10 thousand large fire shards. As for the price…I’ll cut to the chase. As someone who is able to provide us with high quality pills, we’d be willing to ignore the costs of the Currency Card as long as you agree to continue providing us with any additional pills that you may acquire in the future.”

Jia Yuan was rather surprised, but readily agreed.

“Then please wait a moment sir.”

He motioned to the receptionist, who came over to the merchant’s side. The elderly merchant whispered some words into the receptionist’s ear, and she quickly left.

“I’ve told her to retrieve a currency card with the promised currency within. In fact, I’ve also told her to put the fire shards in our special Black and Gold Currency Card. With it, you can purchase anything in any of the Guild Halls on the continent for 10% off.”

“Thank you very much, sir.”

This was the first time in Jia Yuan’s life that he had been so pampered. As such, he felt very positively inclined toward the Black Wing Merchant Guild.

After a while, the receptionist returned with a Currency Card that was black with extremely detailed gold decorations on it.

“Here you go, sir. If you use your spirit sense, you should be able to see the large fire shards within. Using the same method, you can also withdraw the fire shards from within. Furthermore, after using your spirit sense to interact with the card, it will only recognize you as its owner unless you die.”

Jia Yuan accepted the Currency Card and quickly placed it within his ring. He trusted that the Black Wing Merchant Guild which seemed to want to rope him in wouldn’t try to cheat him with such petty methods.

The esteemed elder stood up and moved to shake Jia Yuan’s hand. “Thank you for doing business with us. If there is anything else you wish to buy or sell today, feel free to let the receptionist know.”

Jia Yuan stood up and while walking toward the stairs, told Shi Guo that he wanted to buy some weapons.

“What kind of weapons, sir?”

“I want to purchase a sword of the highest quality. Price is of no object.”

With the 9 thousand large fire shards in his Currency Card, Jia Yuan felt as if he could buy anything!

“Of course sir, we will head towards the 3rd floor then. This is the weapons floor, which is divided into multiple sections according to quality. Assuming that you don’t wish to spend more than the 9 thousand large fire shards you just received, your best bet would probably be the 4th section.”

“And… here we are sir. You are allowed to look at everything, but if you want to test one of the weapons, you must tell me. We will invite one of our weapons specialists and bring you to the field testing area.”


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