The Song of Swords Chapter 16

Jia Yuan looked around the room he was in. His eyes sparkled, but the receptionist couldn’t tell because of the straw hat.

If she could see Jia Yuan’s face, she could see that he was nearly drooling at the site of the weapons.

Unfortunately for Jia Yuan, a good half of the room was filled with axes. Many in the Fire Kingdom used either the one-handed or two handed axe, which allowed for strong and explosive attacks typical of the fire element. In this regard, sword practitioners like Jia Yuan were still plentiful, but part of the minority.

However, the swords he saw were more than enough to sate his eyes.Because he was so mesmerized by the swords he saw it took him a while to remember his goal: to find a sword that he could go through life and death battles with.

After looking at the swords more discerningly, he looked back at the receptionist.

“If I just want to check the balance of a weapon, do I have to go to the field testing area?”

After all, he was on the third floor of the building, and the field testing area had to be outside. It would be quite troublesome to have to repeatedly go from place to place.

“No, but I will have to invite one of our weapon specialists over. Would you like me to do so?”


Jia Yuan understood that the two main things he needed in a sword was for it to be made of good materials so that it wouldn’t be damaged or break during the heat of battle, and that it needed to have a balance that he liked. As such, he needed a sword that had similar balance to the wooden sword that he had been using all of these years.

The receptionist led Jia Yuan to the first room, where he had noticed some people lounging about earlier. Apparently, these were the weapon specialists.

The receptionist led Jia Yuan to one and said, “Hello sir, this esteemed customer would like to check out some of the weapons.”

“Hmm? Alright, alright… let’s go.”

They walked back to the 4th room, and the weapon specialist turned to ask Jia Yuan in a nonchalant tone.“So, what sort of weapon are you looking for?”

“I am looking for a straight hand and a half sword with the balance slightly ahead of the guard.”

Jia Yuan had been practicing with a straight sword, after all. As for the change to the hand and a half sword, at points he wanted to be able to grip the sword with two hands so that he could swing with more power. Furthermore, since Jia Yuan only ever wielded a sword and had never practiced with a shield, he used his blade to defend against attacks, so it would be easier to block attacks if he had two hands gripping the sword.

However, he didn't want a two-handed sword, as the sword would likely be too big compared to the sword he had practiced with, and many of the stances he practiced were one-handed. With these factors, he concluded that the hand and a half sword would be the best choice.

“Hmm… would you mind if I recommended some swords to you, sir?”

“That would definitely help.”

Seeing that the two got along fine, the receptionist followed them calmly at a moderate distance.

“Alright, lad. Er, uh, esteemed customer. We only have about ten swords fitting your description. Unfortunately, RockFire City isn’t exactly the largest city around, so when it comes to the lesser used swords like the hand and a half swords, we don’t carry many.”

“However, we still have some high quality ones. Usually people only buy the cheaper swords, so we still have a pretty sizable stock of the higher quality ones... As such, we’ll probably still be able to find a fit for you.”

“Here. This is a one and a half hand sword specially designed to maximize one’s fiery aura. It’s made from extremely rare fire stones which are not only beneficial to those who train in a Song of fire, but are also very hard. The sword was also forged in a way to maximize flexibility, so the sword is also not likely to break from stress in battle.”

Jia Yuan looked at the sword. He then grabbed it and swung it around a bit to test the balance.

“It’s okay, but it’s also not exactly what I was looking for. Do you have any swords that are compatible with all elements?”

This startled the weapon master, who quickly gave Jia Yuan another glance.

“No, but you could probably get one custom made at a larger city. Although, it’ll probably cost you an arm and a leg. For someone to be able to forge stones of all four elements together would mean that they would be a master blacksmith, and their services are in high demand.”

“Furthermore, the creations of those master blacksmiths would probably be great enough to be considered a prized item in any household. As such, you’d probably be looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of a few million large fire shards…quite a sum even for the royal family.”

Jia Yuan suddenly had a bitter feeling in his heart. He had felt just minutes prior that he was at the top of the world with his 9 thousand large fire shards, but now he had just found out that this fortune of his wasn’t even enough to cover even a single percentage of the costs needed to buy the type of sword he wanted.

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