The Song of Swords Chapter 19

After exchanging names, Jia Yuan left the Black Wing Merchant
Guild Hall and walked back toward the secondary city gate. After walking out of
said gates, he look around and found a desolate alleyway.

He walked into the alleyway and quickly changed into his
usual slave attire. After doing so, he left the alleyway and made his way back
to the pot shop that he had been more or less kicked out of earlier in the day.

The owner of the pot store sat in front of his shop with a
rather wistful face. It was nearing nighttime, and he was about to close shop.

“Ahh, how am I going to be able to keep feeding my family? I
haven’t been able to sell a pot in days… what will we do?”

At this time, he saw the destitute looking boy he had kicked
out of his store earlier in the day.

“What do you want, kid?”

Jia Yuan ignored him and asked, “How much is the combined
worth of all of the pots in your store?”

The store owner glanced at him with a dry expression and
responded, “A little less than three hundred small fire shards, why?”

Jia Yuan looked around the street. Seeing that all of the
other store owners were busy closing up their own stores and weren’t paying
attention to what happened at the pot store, he said, “I’ll take everything.”

Without further explanation, he raised his hand and absorbed
all of the pots in the store into his ring.

He then took out two large fire shards from his ring, and
threw them at the pot store owner.

“That should be more than enough, yeah?”

And with that, Jia Yuan continued walking down the street in
search for a place to stay the night.

The pot store owner quickly ran off and bought what steel he could. After a week, he sold the steel for a profit of over 100 small fire shards. He and his family then moved to the countryside and lived the easy life with their small fortune. From time to time, he would think back to the young child who had given him such an opportunity...

After roaming the streets of the city for a few minutes, Jia Yuan found a tavern and walked in. Inside, there was a counter with a man standing
behind it.

Jia Yuan walked up to the counter and asked, “Hello sir, how
much for a bed for one night?”

“1 small fire shard will do.”

“Right-o.” Jia Yuan confidently took his last small fire shard
out of his pocket and flipped it toward the man behind the counter, who
snatched it out of the air.”

The man examined the shard, and after a few seconds, nodded. “Go
up the stairs, third door on the right.”

Jia Yuan went up the stairs and opened the third door on the
right as instructed. As promised, there was a small bed in the room.

He walked toward the bed and collapsed onto it. Even though
it was quite a poor bed, it would still be the first bed that Jia Yuan had ever
slept it for an entire night.

As Jia Yuan laid on the bed, he recounted everything that
had happened that day.

“Today, I came to the city, bought new clothes, received a
priceless weapon for free, and even received some special card that can hold
currency and even will give me large discounts. I even managed to show up that
pot store owner hahaha… Although he must be happy he finally sold his wares.”

It had truly been a dreamlike day for him.

Immersed in this state of happiness, he drifted off into a
night full of happy dreams.

Back at the merchant guild, Guo Huo was laying down the room
next to the one Jia Yuan had fought him in. This room yet again had massive
golden double doors leading into it. But instead of a single table in the
middle of the room, it had a small bed crammed into the corner of the room.

Guo Huo was currently thinking about the interesting young man who
he had fought earlier in the day. When they had fought, Guo Huo had clearly
felt the power of Jia Yuan’s Song. It even surpassed the strength of his high
level Song, which to Guo Huo, meant that the Song Jia Yuan practiced in was
either at the peak of the high level, or was at the heavenly level.

Guo Huo was a fairly meticulous fellow. As such, everything
he had done during his meeting was done with purpose.

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