The Song of Swords Chapter 21

As dawn approached, the streets of RockFire City quickly
filled with the hustle and bustle of city life as the city’s residents started
going about their daily business and the streets filled with the shouts of
merchants trying to hawk their wares.

At the Black Wing Merchant Guild, Guo Huo had already woken
up. He had gone back to the room he had met Jia Yuan in, and was staring at a
talisman. This was the talisman connected with the magical locator on Jia
Yuan’s gold Currency Card. He then looked around the room. For the last 20
years, this sparsely decorated room had served as his office.

He took one last look, and headed out. Earlier that morning,
he had already told his granddaughter, Guo Shi, of his plans. Truth be told,
Guo Huo actually didn’t handle too much of the business side for the Guild. He merely served as the figurehead of the RockFire branch because of his strength. As for
the actual business, he let other people handle that.

Exiting the Guild Hall, Guo Huo was truly a sight to
behold. He was a two meter tall old man, with flowing white hair held back in a
ponytail with a long white beard to match. He donned a long red robe embroidered with fiery patterns outlined with
gold. To put it simply, he looked like a fiery god of war.

Finally, on his back, hung a giant axe more than 1.5 meters

He walked down the steps of the Guild Hall, and took out the
talisman once again, verifying the direction he needed to go.

He promptly exited to the outer parts of the city. Using the talisman, he quickly
arrived at the tavern Jia Yuan was in, impatiently demanding a room as he entered.

Unfortunately, the host told Guo Huo that all of the rooms
were taken.

Upon hearing this, Guo Huo turned to the side and frowned.
After a few seconds of this, the host was growing very nervous. After all, he
could see that this person in front of him was very rich and probably had
powerful backing. Even more than that, the man himself had an overpowering demeanor.
The host felt that this really was a man he did not want to irritate. However, just as
the host was about to try to kick one of the guests from their room to make
space for this new customer, Guo Huo turned back to him.

“That’s alright, kid. Do you have a place where I can change
clothes in private?”

“Uh.. of course! Right this way!”

The tavern had a backroom where they kept food and liquor.
But for now, this backroom would serve as a place for Guo Huo to disguise

In past times, when Jia Yuan’s ring was first created, it truly
was a priceless treasure. However, in recent times, some highly skilled
craftsmen were able to craft similar items. However, they had very small dimensions, usually no more than 125 cubic feet of space.

The necklace that Guo Huo wore was exactly one of these
items. He tapped the necklace and withdrew some tattered and dirty clothes. As he changed into them, he transferred his fiery outfit as well as giant axe into the necklace. Afterwards, he took a box out of the necklace, and put it on the floor.

It was a box of dirt. With the dirt in the box,
he dirtied his face, hair, beard, and the rest of his body.

Now he truly looked like a decrepit old man.

After finishing his disguise, he transferred the box back
into the necklace, which he then took off.

He then tied the necklace around his wrist, covered by his

He walked out of the room and saw that the host was staring
at him with his mouth wide open.

The host had seen a fiery god walk into the backroom, and
saw an old beggar walk out.

Huo Guo tapped his wrist and tapped his wrist, drawing a medium fire shard out and handing it to the host. “Don’t tell anyone what you saw here, and give me a
barrel of beer. I’ll be sitting in the corner.”

Huo Guo decided to pass the time waiting for Jia Yuan to
leave by drinking in the tavern.

After a few hours of drinking, Guo Huo finally saw Jia Yuan
descend the stairs of the tavern and exit. Seeing this, Guo Huo finished his
last barrel of beer, put a small fire shard on the table, and left.


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