The Song of Swords Chapter 22

Guo Huo walked very slowly with a hunched back, as if he
were actually an old beggar. He didn’t really care to follow Jia Yuan
closely. After all, he had the talisman to keep track of Jia Yuan’s location.

Oblivious to all this, Jia Yuan made his merry way along the
streets of RockFire city, heading to the city gate.

After a few minutes of walking, Jia Yuan reached the city
gates and passed through without harm.

However, he wasn’t aware that by the city gate a person had
been looking for him.

This mysterious man, upon seeing Jia Yuan exit the city, ran
to a nearby alley where a bird had been tied down. He wrote a quick message,
and then tied it to the bird’s leg. Upon doing so, he released the bird and the
bird flew away.

As for Guo Huo, he saw this and smiled. Apparently this
young man he was interested in would have a test in front of him. For Guo Huo, this
was perfect. Not only would he be able to see the actual combat strength of Jia
Yuan, but he would be able to see just how the young man’s brain worked.

After Jia Yuan walked on the road for about 7 hours, he
became rather dreary and very tired, and started walking while staring at the
ground. After all, the most he had been doing the last few days was walk and walk
and walk.

He didn’t even realize that he had almost walked to the
village he had saved a few days prior. In fact, he was about a 5 minute walk
away from it.

Usually, he would have been able to see the village. This
time though, when he raised his head, he was in for a shock.

For in front of him stood about a hundred bandits, dressed in
the same garb of the ones he had chased out of the village two days prior. Just
as this began to register, he noticed that he had been completely surrounded by what seemed to be 500 bandits in total.

Guo Huo was an astute fellow, so naturally, he had his
instincts tingling for quite some time before this. As such, he was in position
to watch Jia Yuan deal with the bandits. When he saw that Jia Yuan hadn’t even
noticed the hundred bandits quite literally standing in front of his face, Guo
Huo had a strong urge to just walk back to RockFire City. However, he stayed,
because he was shocked at just how many bandits had been sent to deal with Jia

500 bandits! As the head of the Black Wing Merchant Guild’s
RockFire City Branch, he knew about the bandits surrounding the city. According
to his intel, this particular bandit group should only have about 500 to 600
people, meaning that they had sent basically everyone to deal with Jia Yuan!

Unfortunately, Guo Huo hadn’t heard about Jia Yuan routing
the bandits two days prior, or he probably would’ve said it was to be expected.
After all, even bandits couldn’t stand the shame of having over 50 brothers
killed by a single child.

However, his interest was piqued by the scene in front of
him. How would Jia Yuan respond to this predicament?

At this time, Guo Huo thought about what he would do in the

“Hmm, let’s see. At the third level of Absorption with at
least a high level Song, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting instantly
killed by a hit from one of these bandits. I would quickly establish which side is weaker and break through that side with
force. That way, I can escape into the wilderness and it will be hard for the
bandits to chase me en masse. Of course, I would have to act before the bandits
close the encirclement too much. If that happens, then I would be dead meat. Unless
that kid can fly, that should be the best way to approach the situation and
perhaps the only way to make it out.”

However, what he saw Jia Yuan do instead…was almost enough
to make Guo Huo puke.

Instead of doing any of what Guo Huo had thought of, Jia
Yuan had instantly drawn his sword from his ring, and had dashed directly
toward the hundred or so bandits blocking the road in front of him.

Guo Huo exploded. “You idiot!! That’s the front, and the
place most likely to have the strongest warriors! What’s more, if you escape
down the road all of the bandits can just chase you easily! You’ll even lead
them to the village and you’ll get all of the villagers killed!”

It took extreme willpower for Guo Huo to not actually
explode with rage.

However, he kept his calm and crept towards the battle,
unseen by the bandits or Jia Yuan.

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