The Song of Swords Chapter 23

Jia Yuan dashed toward the bandits, activating his Song
along the way. In all honesty, he had been itching for a chance to try out his new
sword. He didn’t take into account how many bandits were surrounding him. All he
thought was that it would be a fun way for him to get used to his new sword.

What he didn’t realize, however, was that the bandits were
well prepared to face him.

They had brought every single bandit in their brotherhood
out, including the leader, who was at the 7th level of Absorption.

So when Jia Yuan collided with the bandits at the front end
of the formation, he came into direct contact with the leader. Even though the
leader was at the 7th level of Absorption, his low level Song made it so that he only had a slight edge over Jia Yuan. However, that was him alone.
The bandits at his side began to surround Jia Yuan, who felt the circle closing in around him. Not only did this
quickly force him into a vulnerable position, but it effectively stopped Jia
Yuan from being able to escape.

Guo Huo saw the situation and sighed deeply. “It looks like
I will have many things to teach this child… brainless as he is.”

Guo Huo disappeared in a fiery blaze and appeared next to
Jia Yuan in the center of the 500 bandits.

He looked at Jia Yuan and said, “Jia Yuan, it is good that
you are young, because you still have time to learn.”


Guo Huo tapped his wrist and the giant axe appeared in the
air. Guo Huo grabbed it in his right hand, and with the same motion, grabbed
Jia Yuan in his left.

With his left hand, he threw Jia Yuan high into the air, and
with his right hand, he swung the giant axe in a circle. From this axe,
exploded a giant circular wave of fire, followed by a powerful wave of heat.

Instantly, all 500 or so bandits were burnt into a crisp.

From when Guo Huo arrived next to Jia Yuan to the
incineration of all of the bandits, only 4 seconds passed.

Still in the air, Jia Yuan had quite an interesting face.
First off, he had been thrown about 20 feet into the air, but the way Guo Huo
had thrown him had let Jia Yuan see everything that had transpired on the

As such, he saw the destructive power exhibited from by Guo
Huo from a birds eye view.

Quite simply, he was in awe.

After killing all of the bandits, Guo Huo jumped into the
air after Jia Yuan, and used his Song of Fire to create a blaze beneath his
feet, propelling him further into the air.

In this manner, he flew into the air, caught Jia Yuan, and
returned to the ground safely.

He looked at Jia Yuan and said, “Hey kid, where do you

Jia Yuan pointed in the direction of Fire Hill Village and
said, “In the village beyond the forest.”


Guo Huo grabbed Jia Yuan’s wrist, and began sprinting. With
each step, he sent a wave of fire from beneath the sole of his foot, propelling
himself even faster. In this manner, the two, young and old, quickly ran past
the village Jia Yuan had saved and into the forest towards Fire Hill Village.

(p.s. yes, the villagers and travelers frequenting the road
were rather shocked when they saw the bodies of bandits, and they were very
confused at the scorch marks on the ground leading to the forest)

After a mere 20 minutes, they had arrived at the edge of the
forest close to Fire Hill Village.

Guo Huo wanted to change back into his usual attire. As
such, he told Jia Yuan to wait and quickly jumped through the trees about 50
meters away to change.

After he took off his “beggar clothes” and put them back
into the necklace, he took a pill out of his ring and popped it in his mouth.

This was a rather ordinary but useful pill, called the
Cleansing Pill. After eating the pill, one would have all ordinary illnesses
and poisons removed. Basically, anything that was bad for the body that was in
or on the body, would be removed. However, when it came to illnesses and
poisons, it could only treat simple ones.

In this case, Guo Huo simply used the Cleansing Pill to
clean himself of the dirt and sweat that he had accumulated on his body throughout
the day.

After consuming the pill, he quickly drew the same outfit he
had worn while exiting the Black Wing Merchant Guild Hall out of the necklace
and dressed himself. Finally, he unwove the necklace that was around his wrist
and wore it around his neck again. Finally, he drew the axe out of the necklace
and strapped it to his back. Yet again, he look like a fiery war god.

Having finished his business, Guo Huo traveled back to where
he had left Jia Yuan.

Jia Yuan, upon seeing this magnificently dressed Guo Huo, felt
a very strong sense of reverence and admiration toward the old man.

“Come, child. Let’s finish this journey.”

After a few more minutes, the two made it to the old shack
that Jia Yuan had lived in for the majority of his life.

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