The Song of Swords Chapter 26

In the middle of the village, there was an open area, where
village events would be held. It was in this village center that Jia Yuan stood
with HiRyu in his hand.

Meanwhile, Guo Huo had made his way over to the center by
hopping from one roof to the next. In this manner, he made his way over to the
roof of a house by the village center and sat on it. He tapped his necklace and
drew out a bag of apples and began to munch on one while observing Jia Yuan. “This
should be a good show…”

In the village center, Jia Yuan lifted up his sword and
shouted, “Zhao family! Today, your evil deeds come to an end! If you have the
guts to do so, come fight me to the death! I will take you all on!”

Even though the village center had many other people walking
through it, and had bene pretty loud, when Jia Yuan started shouting, everyone
became quiet.

After Jia Yuan finished, the center continued to be silent.
Then everyone else in the village center began to run away. After all, they
didn’t want to get caught up in what was about to happen.

After everyone had run into a house near the village center,
they began to whisper.

“What the hell is Jia Yuan doing?? He’s just a mere slave but he
wants to challenge the Zhao family?”

“Ahh, what a waste. He was such a good boy too, if a little

“I wonder what the Zhao family will do to him…”

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man ran into the Zhao family
quarters. Inside sat an elderly man.

The elderly man spoke. “What is it, my son?”

“The slave boy, Jia Yuan, has issued a verbal challenge to
our family!”

“Oh? Interesting… It seems we will be able to use him to
teach the rest of the villagers a lesson. Gather all of the family members and slaves. Equip them all with weapons, and lead them toward the village
center. Today, the Zhao family will formally take control of the village!”

The middle-aged man was Zhao Hai, the only son of the
Patriach, Zhao Yue. Zhao Hai was at the 5th level of Absorption,
while Zhao Yue was the village-famed family head at the 7th level of

They had wanted to take control of the village for a while,
but they needed a reason to be able to do so. After all, if they had simply
begun to take over the village, one of the Neighboring cities could hear about
it and send some troops out to deal with the Zhao family.

However, if the Zhao family were provoked in any way, they
could spin a story to make them seem like the rightful leaders of the village.
This, along with robbing the villagers of their goods, was the main reason why
they had been so daring in aggravating the villagers.

In fact, they had even discussed the possibility of bribing
one of the villagers to pretend to provoke the Zhao family.

But now, that stupid slave boy had come out and issued a
challenge! It was perfect!

After about 5 minutes, everyone in the Zhao family had been
informed of the challenge and was making their way toward the village center. Slowly,
the members of the Zhao family began to flood the village center, forming a
circle around Jia Yuan, who stood in the middle.

This was a situation most similar to when Jia Yuan had been
surrounded by the bandits. However, there were only about 70 members of the
Zhao family, including the slaves, and overall, they were weaker than the

Jia Yuan had full confidence.

Of course, the other villagers didn’t have such confidence.

“Ahh, the Zhao family is really looking to make an example of
him. He’s finished.”

“Why would the Zhao family bring out such a strong force??
For a mere kid?”

At this moment, all of the villagers quieted down, because
the patriarch of the Zhao family had arrived at the village center.

Burning around him, was the aura of the 7th level
of Absorption. He looked around the village center, noting the villagers who
were watching from inside the nearby houses. Seeing this, he smirked and spoke
to Jia Yuan. “You, slave. You are the one who dares challenge my Zhao family?”

“I am no longer a slave, but yes, I am the one who issued
the challenge. Today, your Zhao family will be wiped off of the Continent of
the Five Elements!”

“BWHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. Son, you’ve got guts! Very well.
Everyone, take him down!”

Zhao Yue gave the order and leisurely jumped onto the
rooftop of a neighboring house to watch the upcoming scene. Coincidentally, it was the house next to the
one Guo Huo was sitting on. Of course, after arriving at the rooftop of the
house, Zhao Yue saw Guo Huo, and his eyes narrowed.

Of course, Zhao Yue saw Guo Huo’s fiery outfit and the giant
axe on his back. He had a bad feeling about this old man… But he didn’t have
any time to dwell on it, for the fight in the village center had started.


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