The Song of Swords Chapter 27

Jia Yuan saw the mass of people charging towards him from
every side. At the same time, those with a Song began their Songs.


Jia Yuan started his own Song, as usual, with the beat of a
drum, and he settled into the first stance. However, he didn’t move into the
second stance he usually took. Instead, he moved in the same way Guo Huo had to
decimate the bandits.

Seeing this, Guo Huo’s eyes twinkled. “Oh? Is he already
able to manipulate his Song to such a degree?”

However, what happened was quite a letdown. Instead of
releasing a ring of fire, Jia Yuan instead released a  flickering blade of flame less than
a foot wide. It hit a single slave of the Zhao family, who quickly dropped to
the ground and began rolling to stop the flames.

Guo Huo grimaced, face full of pain. “This kid…”

On the other house, Zhao Yue started laughing. “Bwhahahaha.
Such a weak kid dares to challenge my Zhao family? Bwhahahaha!”

As of right now, Jia Yuan was in grave danger. After all,
being surrounded by 70 armed people who want to kill you is not exactly the
greatest place to be.


At that moment, the members of the Zhao family who owned
Songs released violent bursts of fire toward Jia Yuan in an attempt to burn Jia
Yuan before they even reached him.

And so Jia Yuan’s first conquest would begin.

The night before, Jia Yuan had been thinking about the task in
front of him. He had expected the Zhao family to retaliate to his challenge heavily, and had therefore spent the night thinking about what he would do against human wave

As such, he came up with a rather preposterous idea.

As the bursts of flame were about to reach him, Jia Yuan
sent a strand of his soul into his ring and drew out all of the pots from within. He drew these pots so that they would form a sphere
around him.

Rather bizarrely, Jia Yuan was able to time
the release of the pots so that the pots were able to block the flames before
falling to the ground due to gravity.

As the wave of fire subsided, Jia Yuan once again drew the
pots back into his ring.

At the same time, his Song began yet again in earnest as he quickly shifted back into his starting stance.

The reason why the Absorption level is named so is because
of what happens to the cultivator during this phase. During his battle at the
neighboring village against the bandits, Jia Yuan had been at the 1st
level of cultivation. Although he had managed to let his song play, it was only
filled with drumbeats.

However, as a cultivator progresses through the Absorption level,
they "absorb" more of the Song into
their minds, allowing them to “hear” more of the Song. This, in turn, meant
that their Song would provide greater assistance during a fight.

At this point, while the start point was still that of a
drum, Jia Yuan also heard some tones that provided him with a sense
of grandeur and pride.

With his Song playing in full force, Jia Yuan was able to
establish a zone of control with about a 5 meter radius. He did his best to
control the flames coming from his body to establish this zone of control.

Jia Yuan used the flames surrounding him to fight. With slashes
of HiRyu, he cut the flames surrounding him into blades of fire which flew
out and hit those surrounding him. To those watching, it looked as if Jia Yuan
was surrounded by a giant wall of fire, and was cutting out sections of this
wall of fire into blades that he then directed at the Zhao family.

To be fair, this was fairly close to what happened. What Jia
Yuan actually did was quite interesting. First off, the flames around him, as
usual, were unbridled and wild. Knowing this, he coated his sword in a thicker
fiery aura than the flames around him. This way, every time he slashed his
sword toward the wall of flame surrounding him, the thick fiery aura coating
HiRyu violent pushed away the section of the wall that was cut.

In this manner, blades of fire flew out from the wall of

With each slash of HiRyu, a fire blade of about 2 feet in
length flew out. With each slash, 2 or 3 of those closest to Jia Yuan fell,
never to move again.

However, most of these were the slaves of the Zhao family. The
actual members of the Zhao family were careful, and didn’t want to die. To keep
themselves safer, they had rather despicably forced the slaves to approach Jia Yuan

This also meant that they were the weakest.

After only five seconds of this, Jia Yuan had made about 20
of these cuts, and all of the slaves around him had died.

High above, Guo Huo smiled. “Looks like that brat has
finally begun to understand the art of manipulation his Song.”

As for Zhao Yue, he was rather irate. The 50 slaves that had
just died weren’t as important to him as his family members, but they had still
cost his family a great deal of fire shards.

Furthermore, he saw that Jia Yuan’s strength was not that
simple after all. Even he didn't have such control over his Song. After all, cultivators were generally unable to manipulate their Song much until the Manipulation Stage.

With these observations, he grabbed his axe from the rooftop
and jumped down, preparing to end the battle once and for all.

His family had already lost enough face, letting all of
their slaves die to a mere child. Furthermore, Jia Yuan seemed to be abnormally skillful. Only by quickly defeating Jia Yuan could they
keep what was left of their pride and negate any risks involved.

Guo Huo saw the head of the Zhao family jump down, but still
didn’t move.

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