The Song of Swords Chapter 28

In actuality, Guo Huo hadn’t planned on stopping the Zhao
family head from the beginning. He saw this entire situation as a test for Jia
Yuan. Was Jia Yuan truly as strong as he had seemed at Guo Huo’s office? Did he
have the proper determination and resolve required to reach the peak of martial

Back at the village center, the combatants noticed the
arrival of Zhao Yue. The Zhao family stopped fighting and made way for their
patriarch to approach Jia Yuan.

Seeing that the Zhao family had backed down, Jia Yuan also
lowered his wall of flame. After all, fighting with one’s Song for an extended
amount of time greatly exhausted both the body and the mind.

After a few seconds, the two stood at a distance of about 10
feet facing each other.

Zhao Yue looked Jia Yuan up and down. “You slave brat, I
never would have though you would grow so strong… but it is unfortunate that
you decided to anger my Zhao family. Today, I will show you that you are

At this moment, Jia Yuan was panicking a little. Why the hell isn’t that old geezer
intervening? He said I just needed to deal with the other people!

But what he said did not reflect his true feelings. “HA! You
disgusting Zhao family Patriarch, this is the day where everyone in your family

“Ha. Killed by who? You? Let’s see if you have the power!”

Despite his strong words, Zhao Yue was rather nervous. After
all, the technique exhibited by Jia Yuan earlier had been quite exquisite.

Zhao Yue knew that if he, as the patriarch of the strongest
family in the village, could not win over this 11 year old child, it would
likely mean the extermination of his family… Just to be forced to this point
already meant that his family had lost face.

With the overbearing aura of the 7th level of Absorption
surrounding him, Zhao Yue gripped his axe tightly in his right hand, and walked
within 6 feet of Jia Yuan, just beyond Jia Yuan’s zone of control. Along the
way, he let his full song play out, the axe in his hand began to burn.

After reaching the distance of 6 feet, he stopped, and diagonally
swung his axe toward Jia Yuan. The flame that had been burning around his axe condensed
during the slash and flew towards Jia Yuan as a dense ball of fire.

This was no more than an initial probing attack. After all,
Zhao Yue had felt Jia Yuan exhibiting the aura of the 3rd level of Absorption,
but he power Jia Yuan had shown previously had been closer to that of the 5th
or 6th level of Absorption.

As such, he sent out the ball of fire to see what level of
power Jia Yuan would respond with.

Jia Yuan had already been prepared for this. Just as
ridiculously as he had done earlier, he withdrew a pot from his ring, which effectively
ate the ball of fire. After being hit by the ball of fire, the pot quickly
heated up and was propelled toward Jia Yuan, but Jia Yuan again returned the
pot back into his ring.

However, Zhao Yue was no novice to fighting. He had already
seen Jia Yuan pull this trick before, so when he saw the pot appear, he
immediately dashed toward Jia Yuan and raised in axe in preparation for a blow.
From what he had seen earlier, the using the trick with the pot meant that Jia
Yuan temporarily blocked his own field of vision.

And Zhao Yue was correct. Although, Jia Yuan had been able
to defend himself from the ball of fire with minimal effort, he didn’t even see
Zhao Yue dashing toward him until he had drawn the pot back into the ring.

At this point, ZhaoYue was less than a foot from Jia Yuan.

With a start, Jia Yuan quickly shifted to the second basic
stance of the Song of Swords. This was the stance that provided the most
fluidity for movement, and as such, was the most suited for dodging.

However, even though Jia Yuan reacted to Zhao Yue’s
advancement, he was unable to dodge completely. After all, not only was Zhao Yue’s
body strong, but he was also supported by the 7th level of Absorption.
As such, despite his old age, he was just as fast as Jia Yuan. Furthermore, the
speed at which one can attack with weapons is far faster than that of one
moving their entire body.

As Zhao Yue finished his attack and his dash propelled him
past Jia Yuan, Jia Yuan was left with a large gash on his left shoulder. Even
though he had been able to dodge the majority of the blow, he had been by the
side of the axe, and had even been burned by the fiery aura surrounding Zhao Yue’s


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