The Song of Swords Chapter 29


Jia Yuan had never actually been injured in such a manner
before. While sparring with Dou Di, they had always stopped before any blows
hit, and the few times they messed up, they were only left with some bruises.
After all, they only sparred with wooden swords.

Even when Jia Yuan fought creatures he met in the forest, he
had been strong enough in comparison to the creatures that he had always been
able to get away unscathed.

But now, he had suffered a fairly deep wound to his left
shoulder, which meant that he would not be able to grip his sword with two
hands. This, in turn, meant that he wouldn’t be able to display his full
strength. Given that he was already at a disadvantage when fighting someone at
the 7th level of Absorption, he was now truly in dire straits.

At this time, he glanced up at Guo Huo, clearly signaling to
the old man that he needed help.

But Guo Huo simply stared back at him, munching on yet
another apple from his bag.

Does this old man want
me to die?

Jia Yuan, who had always fought with an air of confidence
even while sparring against his brother, against whom he had never won, was
currently beginning to panic.

Why isn’t the older
geezer helping me??

Jia Yuan made up his mind. He knew that he couldn’t fight
against the Zhao family patriarch, so he turned and began to run the other way.

Zhao Yue saw this and shouted, “Block him! Don’t let him

The members of the Zhao family in the direction Jia Yuan was
running to closed their ranks, effectively creating a human barrier.

However, Jia Yuan was truly in a berserk state. Feeling
betrayed by Guo Huo, feeling fear from being pursued by Zhao Yue, his eyes were
becoming bloodshot and his heart was full of anger. Even the Song of Swords was
affected by this, and the Song playing in Jia Yuan’s soul became violent with a
jagged melody.

In Jia Yuan’s hand, his sword burned violently, the flames
forming into the shape of a giant axe!

Up on the roof, Guo Huo who was eating his apples nonchalantly
suddenly stopped mid-bite. With a surprised face, he exclaimed, “What? He is
already able to manipulate his flames?”

He then noticed the frenzied state Jia Yuan was in, and his
eyes narrowed. However, he still did not move.

Back at the village center, Jia Yuan had reached the human
barrier, with Zhao Yue in hot pursuit.

“HRAWWWRR!!!” Shouted Jia Yuan as he swung the giant flaming
axe toward the human barrier. Those making up the barrier were 4 members of the
Zhao family with levels of cultivation ranging from the 2nd level of
Absorption to the 3rd level of Absorption.

But with the Song of Swords and his frenzied state, Jia Yuan’s
strength, was comparable to the peak of the 6th level of Absorption.
If he hadn’t been injured, his strength may have been comparable to one at the
7th level of Absorption.

When the fiery aura of the giant axe collided with the human
barrier, the members of the Zhao family were instantly killed! To ensure their
deaths, Jia Yuan even made sure to slice their bodies in half with his sword.

When he saw his family members killed in such a brutal
manner, Zhao Yue grew red-eyed, and his anger rose to the skies.

“Jia Yuan you brat! I’ll make you wish you were never born!”

Zhao Yue reached into his pocket and took out a small pill.
This was a rather simple pill, but it had cost the Zhao family almost 25% of
their total assets. Zhao Yue felt pain at having to use it to deal with a
child, but he had already felt too much grief seeing the family members he had
nurtured for so long and the slaves that he had spent so much money and effort
on meet their deaths at the hands of said child.

He truly felt that if he did not use the pill, he may be the
patriarch of a nonexistent family tomorrow.

As such, he quickly threw the pill into his mouth and
swallowed it.

Instantly, the aura surrounding his body changed from the
aura of the 7th level of Absorption to the 8th level of Absorption.

With this increase in power, his speed also increased,
allowing him to catch up to Jia Yuan.

In the time it took for him to consume the pill, however,
Jia Yuan had already reached another batch of Zhao family members and had
dismembered them as well.

The only ones who were left were his son and well as some
from the most recent generation of the family. After all, Zhao Yue had ordered
the entire family to surround Jia Yuan at the village center! He had thought
that Jia Yuan’s provocation would be a chance for the Zhao family to display
their full power and even take over the village!

But instead of taking over the village, his Zhao family was
reduced to less than 15 members!

How could things have gone so wrong??

As Zhao Yue sped toward Jia Yuan with the power of the 8th
level of Absorption, Jia Yuan turned around with his bloodshot eyes and dashed
towards Zhao Yue as well.

On the roof top, Guo Huo jumped up, startled. Although he
had a great view of the fight overall from his high location, he had not been
able to see Jia Yuan’s bloodshot eyes. He had merely thought that Jia Yuan had
chosen to switch to an aggressive mode of fighting.

However, when Jia Yuan turned to face Zhao Yue, Guo Huo had
seen the bloodshot eyes.

This, in addition to Zhao Yue’s consumption of the pill,
prompted Guo Huo to take action. After all, although he wanted to test Jia
Yuan, he didn’t want Jia Yuan to become a crazed monster or even potentially
die to Zhao Yue.

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