The Song of Swords Chapter 2

Jia Yuan could hardly believe his luck. To actually find a Song in a random cave, it was as if pies were falling from heaven. He was ecstatic with joy as he started dancing around the cave in joy.


To help put this into perspective, all martial cultivation past the most fundamental of levels, relied on developing one’s proficiency in a Song. The power of the Song one trained in, as well as one's depth of understanding of the Song, defined a martial cultivator’s strength.


For a slave like Jia Yuan, the most he could reasonably hope for was to receive a low level Song from the Army after he was purchased. After all, as a child who was half a foot into the Absorption realm who only needed a Song to become a cultivator, he was a valuable prospect for the Army or even the Burning Legion. But even for a prized candidate, the Army was hardly rich enough to provide them with a medium or high level Song.


After all, the amount of Writers who are capable of producing Songs on a regular basis are low. The number of Writers who were able to create medium or high level Songs was incredibly low.


As such, most of Burning Legion candidates received low level Songs. Only a select few candidates that were particularly promising or had a special talent would receive those rare medium or high level Songs.


As one of the premier powers on the Continent of the Five Elements, the Fire Kingdom was in possession of a large number of fire attributed Songs. The attributes associated with these Songs was that they possessed explosive melodies and rhythms, which brought out strong bursts of power from the practitioner, like the raging flames of a fire. Likewise, the other elements of the Songs provided attributes similar to the associated element. The other, smaller properties of a Song are hard to predict before being acquired. As such, usually the only differentiators when it comes to choosing a Song were the element and the level.


This was why Jia Yuan was so happy. Although he did not know what level of Song he had just found, at the very least this was a low level Song, and could potentially be a much higher level Song, maybe a medium or high level Song, or even a Heavenly Song! As for the attribute of the Song, Jia Yuan was fairly confident that a Song found in the Fire Kingdom should have the attribute of Fire. After all, Fire Hill Village was close to the center of the Fire Kingdom. It was unlikely that this territory had been ever taken over by any of the other nations.


Jia Yuan walked back to the center of the room and prepared to receive the Song.


He then paused.


Wait, how the hell do I receive a Song? I’ve only heard about them in stories and nobody ever actually said how to receive it… I guess I’ll just grab it?


Jia Yuan reached for the Song, but he couldn’t touch it. However, the scroll of the Song opened up a bit, and a voice sounded in Jia Yuan’s head.


“Hello, stranger. To receive this song, you only need to be able to learn the first stage of the Song. As long as you are able to understand even a smidgen of it, I will allow you to receive the Song. If you are able to learn the Song, I will also provide you with some things to aid you in your cultivation.”


Jia Yuan was even happier now! He had a chance to win some cultivation materials! He had heard about how all of the rich nobles and royalty were able to use pills and such to enhance their training. Now, he had a chance to acquire his own! Even though he hadn't won anything yet, he truly felt as if he had won a lottery, or that pies were falling from the sky.


He carefully pored over the opened section of the scroll. On it, he could see four stances along with some symbols overhead. If Jia Yuan had a better upbringing, he would have recognized these as musical notes. However, these musical notes were inscribed into the scroll with magic. Upon receiving the Song, they would be imprinted into the receiver’s mind, where it would have the effect of boosting the receiver’s martial cultivation. In fact, using the Song and the stances that came with it to perform a “Dance” would be the main way that proficient martial cultivators would fight.


What many people didn't know was that when a Writer composes a Song, they are actually creating a sentient soul, and it is this soul that allowed for martial cultivation to occur.


Jia Yuan gazed at the symbols on the scroll for a long while, but he was still unable to make head or tails of them.


I guess I’ll just ignore them for now and I’ll just follow the stances.


He carefully settled into the first stance. Wait, the first stance seems to involve an axe, but in the second stance the drawn figure is holding a sword, while in the third the figure is holding a staff, while the last, a Warhammer.


Was I supposed to bring four weapons to train with?


I guess I’ll just perform all of the stances with my wooden sword for now… If worst comes to worst I can ask Master for some money to buy some more wooden weapons. Hopefully he is happy enough from selling Dou Di to allow me this.


Jia Yuan shifted back into the first stance, then checked the scroll to make sure that he was doing it right.


Alright, I think I’ve got this one down, let’s move to the next one.


Jia Yuan continued to practice the four stances until he was able to properly stay in all four stances.


I guess now I have to connect the stances huh. Maybe that’s where the symbols come in.


Despite being a slave, Jia Yuan had fairly decent powers of deduction for a poor child. This would greatly help him now, as he tried to receive the Song.


Over the course of the next two hours, Jia Yuan trained to receive the Song. Soon, he was able to flow from one stance to the next.


But, he was still missing the essence of the Song. He had learned the “Dance” to a degree, but as for the Song, he had not learned even a tiny bit.


  •' Void says:

    It’s a good thing these scrolls come with a handy tutorial mode.
    I also liked how you went in depth about how totally unfeasible it is that he found a Song..Being a bit self-conscious about your plot-starting deus-ex-machina, eh?

  •' Dr.Shrykos says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

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