The Song of Swords Chapter 34

Jia Yuan continued to meditate, but found it very hard to
concentrate on meditating due to the heat and humidity.

Although he was annoyed by the environment, he understood
why Guo Huo had said that this place was a perfect place to train.

Not only was the environment harsh and unyielding, but the
pool of fire forced Jia Yuan to concentrate on controlling the flames emitted
by the power of his Song. Relax for a single second, and the pool would suck
the flames away.

The same was true for his meditation practice. The
environment made it almost impossible for him to meditate peacefully. Whenever
he tried to immerse himself In meditation, he would feel his skin burning or be
annoyed by his clothes which stuck to his back, soaked in sweat.

After a few hours of trying to meditate, however, Jia Yuan
was finally able to enter the dreamlike state associated with meditation.

After a few more minutes of meditating, he noticed a slight “pulse”
emanating from a location about 5 meters to the left of him.

Is that the pool of

Jia Yuan opened his eyes and headed towards the pulse he had
felt during his meditation.

Upon reaching the location of the pulse, he groaned. He saw
that the source of the pulse was just a pile of lit fire embers.


Fuming, Jia Yuan turned around to prepare to go back to his
previous location. However, he quickly realized that he wasn’t quite sure
exactly which direction he came from.

After all, 5 meters was still a fairly large distance when
everything was covered in mist.

Jia Yuan decided to not take the risk of accidently walking
even further away from the pool of fire.

As such, he began to sit down and meditate again.

After about another 20 minutes of meditation, Jia Yuan
opened his eyes again and let out long breath.

Teacher really
prepared a lot…

Through his meditation, he had found several pulses similar
to the one he had sensed earlier. As such, he assumed these pulses were also
from piles of fire embers.

Every time he found a new pulse, he was quickly filled and
depleted of hope as he realized that he was only detecting fire embers.

Jia Yuan had quickly become frustrated, which made it even harder
for him to immerse himself in the meditative state. However, he had persevered.

He had just noticed a pulse about 12 meters away that was
far more violent in nature, which should be the pool of fire.

Jia Yuan stood up again and headed in the direction of the
violent pulse, and quickly arrived in front of Guo Huo, who had been waiting
for him.

Guo Huo grinned and said, “Bout time you came back. I was
starting to think that you’d fallen asleep.”

“Oh haha. That trick with the fire embers was rather cruel.
How did you even get so many?”

“I simply refined the fire from the pool here.”

Jia Yuan was rather surprised. Although he knew that fire
embers were common and cheap, he hadn’t known how they were made. Naturally, he
was rather curious about the process.

However, Guo Huo didn’t directly answer, only saying that “You’ll
learn at some point.”

Guo Huo was interested in Jia Yuan’s meditation process,
however. “How did your meditation go?”

Jia Yuan thought back a bit. “It was very hard for me to
adjust to the environment, but once I was able to cope with the heat and
humidity, it only took me about 10 minutes to find the first pile of fire
embers, and then about another 20 to find the pool of fire.”

“You spent 6 hours today to find the pool. You told me that
you had only acquired your Song 3 months prior, but you were already at the 3rd
level of Absorption a month ago. I thought that you were a peerless genius when
it came to cultivation, but it seems that your rate of progress, when it comes
to the soul at least, is rather slow.”

At this juncture, Jia Yuan felt rather conflicted. This was
actually a matter he had been thinking about ever since he had become Guo Huo’s

Should he tell Guo Huo about the Song of Swords and the
pills he had acquired with it?

On one hand, Guo Huo had proven to be an honorable teacher
who wholeheartedly wanted Jia Yuan to reach the pinnacle of strength.

However, this was under the assumption that Jia Yuan trained
in a Song of Fire. Jia Yuan wasn’t sure how Guo Huo would react if he was told that
the Song Jia Yuan trained in was actually one that was capable of using all of
the elements.

“When he spoke about why he wanted me as a disciple, it
seemed that he wished to have someone from the Continent of the Five Elements
to be strong enough to compete against the strongest from around the world.”

“Perhaps it will be fine to tell him the truth.”

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