The Song of Swords Chapter 35

However, Jia Yuan was still wary of telling Guo Huo everything. As such, all he told Guo Huo was that he had found some pills in a random cave while he had been exploring.

“Ah…So your actual training speed is lower than I had thought. No matter, no matter. Your training speed is still adequate, and the quality of your Song is impressively high.”

“Given my status and wealth, it is possible for me to continue to provide you with pills. In the future, if you are strong enough, you will also be able to collaborate directly with the alchemists themselves.”

Jia Yuan was rather delighted that Guo Huo would provide so much for him, and his trust in Guo Huo rose even higher. “No need… I found enough pills that they should last me for quite a while.”

“Oh? Can I see these pills?”

Jia Yuan paused momentarily, but quickly assented. He drew the case of pills out of his ring and opened it.

Guo Huo was speechless!

He saw the hundreds of pills within the case and with his experience, he could tell at a glance that the quality of the pills was top-notch.

“How?! What kind of luck do you have to find this just laying around??”

Guo Huo was simply unprepared to see what was in front of him! Even with his wealth of experience that came from traversing the world, he had never seen something so awe-inspiring.

This case of pills was enough to cause the entire continent to go to war for! There were even pills emanating the aura of the True Disciple level! There were even pills which had auras that even Guo Huo could not understand!

Truly, this case was…single-handedly able to create an unparalleled power.

“HA. HAHAHA.” Guo Huo started laughing boisterously. He suddenly reached over the case and hugged Jia Yuan in a tight embrace.

“My disciple truly has some godly luck haha! It seems that I will be able to achieve my goal!”

Guo Huo let Jia Yuan out of his grasp and then started running around the camp like a fool.

From Jia Yuan’s point of view, it was as if Guo Huo had gone mad.

A martial genius, strong enough to be considered among the top ten strongest cultivators in the Fire Kingdom, was behaving in such manner!

After this outburst of happiness, Guo Huo suddenly stopped, because he saw Jia Yuan’s confused and bewildered expression.

“Ahem.” Guo Huo hastily sobered up.

“Jia Yuan, just remember that even though you have the help of these pills, you may be able to cheat your way to the pinnacle of the Continent of the Five Elements, but in order to be able to compete overseas, you will still need to put in an exorbitant amount of effort.”

“Enough of this. Now, we’ll be moving on to the 3rd part of your training. Your training atop the pillar will be take up the first day of a two day training regime that we will repeat until you are at the 5th level of Absorption. “

“For the second day, you’ve already done half of it. I will place you at locations from where you should only require a few hours of meditation training to find the pool of fire. As for the second half… we will spar.”

Jia Yuan was extremely happy when he heard this. After all, he hadn’t had a regular sparring partner ever since Dou Di had left for the Burning Legion.

And so, Jia Yuan and Guo Huo spent the rest of the day sparring. Of course, given the domineering strength of the Song of Swords, Guo Huo fought while keeping his level of cultivation at the 5th level of Absorption.

With this, Jia Yuan started out with a clear disadvantage. After all, when comparing Jia Yuan to Guo Huo, Guo Huo clearly had better technique, more battle experience, and with the 5th level of Absorption, slightly stronger attacks.

And so, Jia Yuan continued to train in this manner for the next 2 months while consuming pills almost every day.

Jia Yuan liked his training routine very much. Over time, he had been able to consistently keep the pool of fire from sucking away his own flames. His meditation had improved to the point where he could be sat about 20 meters away. In spars, he was getting to the point where he had techniques only slightly inferior to those of Guo Huo.

However, right now Jia Yuan and Guo Huo were huddled in the tent with rather dispirited faces. This is because despite Jia Yuan’s rather impressive improvements… for some reason he had not made any breakthroughs and was stuck at the 3rd level of Absorption.

The two had largely ignored this issue. Guo Huo had just assumed that Jia Yuan’s Song had extremely stringent requirements to achieve breakthroughs in. This made sense, since it was a very high quality Song. However, after two months of training, Jia Yuan was clearly more than ready to break into the 4th level of Absorption. In fact, he was strong enough in both body and soul to be at the 5th level of Absorption.

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