The Song of Swords Chapter 36

“How did you progress before? Tell me more about the battle you progressed twice in.” Guo Huo asked.

Jia Yuan had already told Guo Huo that he had progressed very quickly in the midst of a battle before. As such, Guo Huo wanted to delve deeper to see exactly what had occurred during the battle for Jia Yuan to progress so quickly.

“Well, I first progressed when I cut down the first batch of bandits with my sword.” Jia Yuan looked over at Guo Huo to see if he had any response.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for Guo Huo to make assumptions off of. “Continue.”

“Then, I ran into the main fight and after fighting for a bit I realized that the bandits were stronger than I thought, so I tried to activate more of my Song… and then I don’t remember much after that except that I had the sensation that I was drowning in a dark sea.”

Hearing this, Guo Huo’s entire body tensed and he involuntarily let out some of his aura, which badly surprised Jia Yuan. After all, Guo Huo’s main strength was his ability to manipulate the power of his Song, which included his aura. For him to actually lose control of his aura upon hearing what Jia Yuan had said… what exactly was the reason?

Jia Yuan continued to speak, although he was rather unnerved by Guo Huo’s reaction. “And, um… well after a bit I woke up and I found out that I had actually progressed to the 3rd level of Absorption. So uh, what’s wrong?”

Guo Huo let loose a long sigh and then looked toward Jia Yuan with a dry gaze. “Seems like your luck is really something out of the ordinary. At the very least, you are incredibly fortunate to still be alive.”

“Whatever you did before you felt like you were drowning in the dark sea, never do it again unless you have to. What you did was enter the ‘Sea of Souls’ which is an incredibly dangerous place for humans. At the same time that you entered the sea, the soul of your Song occupied your body. This probably granted you great strength, but at great risk to your own soul. At worst, your Song could have gone on a frenzy and went on a rampage, killing everything in its path.”

“However, it seems that you were fortunate enough to be able to find your way back to your body. Just don’t ever do it again. When you’re ready to explore that world further, I’ll teach you about it, but for now, don’t even think about it.”

“As for your Song… it seems that you need to experience real combat in order for you to progress. Sparring with me might not work because you hold trust in me. Hm… I guess it’s time for us to leave this crater. You haven’t reached the 5th level of Absorption, but I think the only thing left for you to advance is to experience some real combat.”

“Coincidentally, the next place I was going to have you train at will provide you with quite a bit of authentic combat. Hmm, let me see. We’ve been here for about two months, so… alright. We’ll have you train here for another two days and then we’ll leave.”

And so came the last day of training in the crater.

Jai Yuan was atop the pillar, surrounding by ribbons of fire. For the last week, Guo Huo had instructed Jia Yuan to keep the flames emitted from his song circling around him in a continuous line of fire. As such, Jia Yuan decided to manipulate the flames into the shape of a ribbon. This flame ribbon followed the tip of his sword and provided for quite an interesting spectacle.

Jia Yuan had long ago been able control his flames well enough to resist the pull of the pool of fire, but being able to keep close control of his flames while resisting the pull of the pool of fire was far harder. In fact, this was the first time he had been able to do it to such an extent.

For someone in the Absorption level, this sort of control was basically unheard of. It was only because of this special location that Jia Yuan had been able to practice his control to such a degree. Although he wasn’t on Guo Huo’s level, it could be said that the disciple mimics the teacher.

Guo Huo stood by, watching. He didn’t show anything on his face, but in his heart he nodded rather enthusiastically. “He’s able to do what I was able to do at the 9th level of Absorption while still only at the 3rd level of Absorption… He may not be the fastest cultivator, but his foundation… should be unparalleled on this continent."

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