The Song of Swords Chapter 37

After Jia Yuan finished his training for the day, the two had a final dinner. To celebrate their leaving the crater, Guo Huo had slow roasted some Blazing Pig meat. The meat of the Blazing Pig is extremely expensive in the Fire Kingdom, as it not only had an exquisite taste, but could boost cultivation speed.

In addition to the pig meat, Guo Huo had prepared some bok choy and some beef and apple stew.

Jia Yuan tore through the meal with his regular abandon, and Guo Huo gave him a rather dry look. As someone who had spent most of his life among the high nobility of the Fire Kingdom and had learned proper etiquette, it was almost hard for him to eat meals with Jia Yuan. In fact, he had developed a habit of finishing his cooking early and eating before Jia Yuan finished training.

However tonight, he wanted to make the dinner as special as possible, so he had not done so… although he was starting to regret it.

Guo Huo grumbled to himself. “I’m going to have to get someone to teach him proper manners.”

After the meal, Jia Yuan sat outside of the tent, while Guo Huo had turned in for an early nap inside the tent.

Jia Yuan could already resist most of the heat and humidity in the crater, so he comfortably laid on the ground and stared at the swirling mist above him.

It’s been two months since I came here. I wonder how master is doing… I wonder how Dou Di brother is doing.

I wonder how strong he is. Has he found friends in the Burning Legion?

Jia Yuan had led a fairly lonely life. For as long as he could remember, he didn’t really have any friends. For a few years, he had the companionship of Dou Di, but after Dou Di was sold to the Burning Legion, the only people he had spent time with on a daily basis were his old master and Guo Huo.

Jia Yuan had been able to play with kids around his age when he had stayed at Wan Shi’s house, but that had only been for a few hours.

I wonder how the Burning Legion will be like.

After spending some more time resting next to the pool of fire, he went back into the tent and rested for the night.

The next morning, teacher and disciple flew out of the crater. Jia Yuan actually didn’t need Guo Huo to carry him, but they stayed very close together in case Jia Yuan’s concentration snapped during the flight up for some reason.

‘Ahhhhhh now that’s the air I love!” A soon as they left the crater, Jia Yuan was able to breath in some fresh air! For the past two months, they had been breathing in the very humid and heated air in the crater.

“Ah, right. Teacher, where are we going?” Jia Yuan was rather curious as to what location they would be training at next.

“Do you know about the geography of our continent?”

“Hmm. We have four main kingdoms, corresponding to each element. Each kingdom controls about a fourth of the continent. The borders shouldn’t have changed much in the last 50 or so years, so small cities have popped up on the borders between the kingdoms.”

“Oh? You actually know quite a bit! Where did you learn it from?”

“Oh, Dou Di used to tell me a lot of stores. I ended up learning some stuff from him. He’s also the reason why I want to join the Burning Legion.”

“I see, I see. It seems that your brother was quite the interesting person. Actually, the place we are heading to is precisely one of these border cities.”

“Since we’re close to the Water Kingdom, we’ll be heading to a city between the Fire and Water Kingdoms. If my memory serves me well, I believe they have an Arena of sorts there where people of any age and strength can compete. You can even compete in battles to the death. This should be good for progressing your Song, and will also prepare you for life in the Army. Although the continent has been peaceful for the last 50 years, all of the Kingdoms have been stocking up weapons and soldiers at an abnormal pace for the last few years. We may see a large-scale war in a few more years.”

“As for your uh…manners… I will also likely be hiring a private tutor for you. They will teach you proper etiquette when you are not competing in the Arena.”

“Do I really need to learn all of that boring stuff?”

“If you want to be a respected human being, then you’ll have to at least learn some basic manners. Furthermore, with your potential, you’ll likely be one of model soldiers of the Fire Kingdom. As such, they’ll probably have you learn manners so that you can represent the Fire Kingdom in Continent-wide tournaments.”

“Military teachers will definitely be far stricter than anyone I can find for you in the city. If you think about it this way, I am actually saving you a lot pain."

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