The Song of Swords Chapter 38

The two only walked for a few days before they reached BlueFire City. This was a recently made city that was technically in the Fire Kingdom and paid taxes to the Fire Kingdom, but the population was actually about 60% Fire Kingdom and 40% immigrants from the Water Kingdom. This city was one of the several “border cities” that had popped up in recent years.

“Stay close to me.” Said Guo Huo. “These border cities are rather dangerous, especially when you’re by the outer walls. There is little to no regulation here. Although we will probably be fine, given my strength, I’d still rather not have to show my strength or take any risks.”

Jia Yuan nodded. This BlueFire City may have only recently been built, but it was already bigger than the RockFire City he grew up near! This is because of the massive influx of trade that came with being a border city. The Fire Kingdom would have some wares that were uncommon in the Water Kingdom, and vice versa. For example, the Fire Kingdom’s pottery was renowned throughout the continent. As such, merchants would often come to these border cities to stock up on goods. And as they say, where the money goes, people follow.

So although he looked at the high city walls and the bustle and hustle of the area surrounding the city with gleaming eyes, he made sure to keep close to Guo Huo.

The two made their way through the outer city gate and quickly made their way to the inner city. They walked around for a bit until Guo Huo found the Arena Building.

It was a giant colosseum style building, but it was divided up into many smaller arenas. On the outer ring, there were various arenas for weaker competitors, and in the center of the building there was a giant arena for the experts who had either won many rounds at the Arena or had high levels of cultivation.

Guo Huo strode into the building housing the arena and walked up to the front desk.

“How can I sign this boy up for the arena?”

“Fill out this form and take this badge. You’ll be assigned to an arena based on the level of your Song. You can collect your winnings from here at any point as long as you bring your badge. Your winnings will include a base rate depending on the arena you fight in, along with all winnings that your opponent has not cashed out. “

“There are some other bonuses that come with winning in the Arena. If you win in your group 10 times, you’ll be provided a free ‘meal of champions’ where a huge feast will be hosted in your honor. If you win 50 times, you get your own extravagant room in our associated hotel for as long as you remain active in the arena. “

“At 100 wins, you’ll be given your own extravagant suite in our associated hotel that comes with twenty servants to aide you. Your meals will also be free and you may have them delivered to your suite.”

“Thank you very much for the information.” Guo Huo said.

He turned to Jia Yuan and said “Get 100 wins and treat your Teacher to some luxury eh? Pay me back for all of that meat I’ve cooked for you.”


“Just kidding, just kidding. But I think that you should be able to get 100 wins. Come, lets fill this stuff out.”

Guo Huo and Jia Yuan filled out the forms and then a guide showed them to Arena D, where the fighters were between the 3rd and 4th levels of Absorption.

Guo Huo glanced at the stage, where two twenty-something year olds were fighting. He quickly discerned that the skill level was too low for Jia Yuan to even feel slightly pressured.

Sighing, he turned to the guide. “Is there any way we can move to an arena with stronger competitors?”

The guide nodded. “Yes, but you still have to win a bout in this arena first. We have this policy so that someone who is weak but arrogant won’t lose face for the Arena Building by providing a poor show.”

“Hmm.” Mused Guo Huo. “That’s alright.”

He turned to Jia Yuan and said, “Let your flames rage violently before you attack, but suppress it before the attack hits. We want to impress, but we don’t want to have a competitor die just because his luck was poor in having to fight you.”

After waiting for about twenty minutes, Jia Yuan’s badge finally began to burn. He gave Guo Huo a glance and walked toward the stage.

The announcer began to discuss the next match!

“Alright ladies and gents, right now we have quite an interesting battle! We have Chi Yun in this corner. Age 24, 4th level of Absorption! Pretty strong for his age! However in the other corner we seem to have quite a young genius in the making! We have Jia Yuan! Age 11, 3rd level of Absorption! That’s right people, 3rd level of Absorption at such a young age! But will it all end for naught?”

Seeing that both of the competitors had walked to their respective corners on the stage, the referee walked onto the stage as well.

He glanced at Chi Yun. “Ready?”

He looked towards Jia Yuan. “Ready?”


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