The Song of Swords Chapter 4

Jia Yuan was confused. He had never had a dream as vivid as this before. In fact, the dream was so vivid that he almost felt that he was awake. Only a quick pinch of his cheek confirmed that he was asleep. Also, he was sure that he had never seen this elderly man before.


“Who are you?”


“I am the Song of Swords.”


Jia Yuan was confused. The Song of Swords? Is he a scroll?...Ah! Is he the Song that I saw in the cave earlier today?


“Indeed, I am the Song you saw earlier today. Fret not, I am in your mind, so I can hear your thoughts. I have decided that you are a worthy candidate.”


Jia Yuan was ecstatic.


“However… you lack an understanding of the way of the Song. Your speed of comprehension when it came to the Dance can be said to be above average, even close to that of a genius, but your comprehension of the way of the Song… is nonexistent.”


“As such, I am here to give you my creator’s ability to understand of the way of the Song. With this, you will have a comprehension far above the common martial practitioner. As such, you should be able to learn this Song at a rate comparable to how fast other people learn their songs. However, as for the strength of this Song… you will have to see for yourself.”


“Now I will show you the truth of the Song.”


At this moment, in Jia Yuan’s head, the dream changed, and the image of the Elder faded away. In his place was four identical replicas of Jia Yuan. The first image brandished a golden axe and was surrounded by a raging inferno. Every time this image moved, it brandished the axe in a violent manner, and each movement seemed to possess the power to destroy the world. For all intents, the image might as well have been an embodiment of a raging volcano.


The second image held an azure sword, and flowed from one stance from the next, providing a feel of endless fluidity. Despite this feeling of fluidity, each slash of the sword was accompanied by a violent outburst of water. Although Jia Yuan did not know it yet, this was the embodiment of ‘a raging river may conquer even the largest boulder.’


The third image held a long bamboo staff and moved even more fluidly than the previous image. In fact, the image moved in such a way that Jia Yuan felt that this image was almost carried by the air itself. This feeling was only enhanced by the movements of the bamboo staff, which were accented by outbursts of wind. Each swing of the staff seemed to hold the power to contend with thousands of soldiers, but held the elegance of royal performer.


The fourth image held a two handed hammer. It did not move. After a few seconds, the image seemed to come alive and delivered a hammer strike in a swinging fashion. It then controlled the backswing of the hammer, and used the force to deliver a stronger forward hammer strike. Soon after, each swing of the hammer was accompanied by an outburst of rocks. After a minute of swinging, the area was soon filled with enough flying boulders to level a city.


At this point, the voice of the Elder sounded for the last time in Jia Yuan’s head.


“This is the Truth of the Song, but not the complete Truth. I have shown you but the tip of the iceberg. As for the rest, you will have to understand on your own. Now go back to the cave in which you found me. I am willing to accept you…do not fail me.”


Jia Yuan woke up with a start. He looked at his surroundings. He felt as if the world was in was surreal. After seeing evidence of such strong power in his dreams, he held an unquenchable thirst to become stronger. Before, his goal had always been to only surpass Dou Di, his older brother.


But now.


Now, Jia Yuan understood just how weak he and Dou Di had been. Dou Di may have been able to become a candidate for the Burning Legion, but at the end of the day, he was simply a candidate for a specialized foot soldier.




Jia Yuan could not suppress this feeling in himself.


I will understand the way of the Song.


I will become the strongest in the Continent of the Five Elements.


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