The Song of Swords Chapter 40

The two slashes collided, but Jia Yuan’s was overpowered! Jia Yuan moved , but the water moved too fast!

The blade of water sliced into Jia Yuan’s body, and he groaned in pain.

Jia Yuan felt that the wound wasn’t too deep, but it would start to hinder him if he lost too much blood.

Gritting his teeth, Jia Yuan charged towards Jia Rou, who did the same. After an initial clash, the two exchanged a flurry of blows, flames flying out from Jia Yuan’s side, and spouts of water erupting from Jia Rou’s.

“Fire Blade!” Jia Yuan dashed back and leaped back forward, raising his sword overhead in a two-handed grip. This was the same move he had used to “defeat” Guo Huo back at the Black Wing Merchant Guild Hall.

However, as Jia Yuan swung his sword down, the fiery aura was condensed in the blade and not only a little fire leaked out.


The entire stage shook as Jia Rou blocked the blow. However, both contestants were pushed back several meters, with Jia Yuan actually being blown back slightly farther.

However, at this moment, Jia Yuan felt a change in his body. He was breaking through to the 4th level of Absorption!

Ripples of his aura spread across the stage, surprising Jia Rou, as well as the announcer!

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is quite an event! It seems that Jia Yuan actually just progressed to the 4th level of Absorption!”

Exclaims of surprise spread through the audience!

An eleven year old at the 4th level of Absorption!

However, Jia Yuan had no time to celebrate, as Jia Rou continued his barrage of unrelenting attacks.

The two swords clashed together, and the fight was actually completely even! Although Jia Yuan had progressed to the 4th level of Absorption, he wasn’t completely used to it and so wasn’t using the power at its full potential.

Over time though, Jia Yuan began to push Jia Rou back, until Jia Rou was at the edge of the stage.

In a last ditch effort, Jia Rou thrust his sword towards Jia Yuan, and a bead of water shot out. This single bead of water contained immense power!

Jia Yuan quickly move to block with his sword, and was able to cut the bead of water in half. However, one of the halves shot into Jia Yuan’s chest, deepening part of the wound that was already there.

At this moment, however, an unusual change was happening in Jia Yuan’s body and soul.

The Song of Swords was capable of all four elements found on the Continent of the Five elements. By hitting the 4th level of Absorption, his body and soul had reached the requirement for using a second element!

Jia Yuan was capable of using the water element! The water element of his Song had awoken! Now, in Jia Yuan’s soul, stood two unmoving figures. The first was Jia Yuan in a fiery robe wielding an axe, the second was Jia Yuan standing in a blue robe, wielding a sword.

Suddenly, the aura around his body exploded in a burst of both fire and water, shooting Jia Rou out of the arena, as well as destroying most of the stage around Jia Yuan, who fainted.

“What?!” Guo Huo was extremely shocked and fearful as to what just happened. After all, he didn’t know about the Song of Swords.

When he saw Jia Yuan collapse, he thought that perhaps Jia Yuan had taken too much damage from the fight! After all, he couldn’t see how deep Jia Yuan’s wounds were, and that explosion at the end…

Guo Huo ran to Jia Yuan and examined Jia Yuan’s body.

“Ahhhh whew.” Guo Huo heaved a sigh of relief. “He only tired himself out. Still, I have to get him to the doctors to treat these wounds.”

For all of the things Guo Huo was talented in, detailed medical work was not one of them. Although the cut on Jia Yuan’s chest wasn’t too bad, it would still need stitches. As for the hole where the bullet of water had punctured… It would take some time to heal.

Jia Rou was similarly stunned, and some people who seemed to be his friends came over from the sidelines. Although they couldn’t really fault Jia Yuan for hurting Jia Rou as the arena was a palce of bloodshed, they all looked at Jia Yuan with looks full of killing intent.

Guo Huo naturally saw this, and shook his head. Looks like he would have to keep a tight watch on Jia Yuan’s security.

He picked Jia Yuan off the ground and had the guide lead Jia Yuan to the arena’s medical area.

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