The Song of Swords Chapter 41

-At the infirmary-

The doctor was currently giving Guo Huo a rundown of Jia Yuan’s circumstances. “The kid’s injuries aren’t too bad, I’ve already patched them up. However, he seemed to have exhausted himself during the fight, so he hasn’t woken up yet. Furthermore, his Song seems to be suppressed. It shouldn’t pose a problem, but it’s rather unusual…”

After a week of laying on a bed in the infirmary, Jia Yuan’s eyes finally opened.

“Sir! He woke up!”

One of the nurses quickly notified the doctor who quickly rushed to Jia Yuan’s bed.

As for Jia Yuan, he was extremely confused. The last thing he remembered was breaking through to be able to use two elements… and an explosion.

Urghhh… I’m so hungry…

As he stared up at the ceiling of the infirmary, Jia Yuan slowly began to recover from being unconscious for so long.

He sat up and looked around. He saw the doctor, as well as Guo Huo who was rushing to the bed.


Seeing that Jia Yuan was safe, Guo Huo his worry fade away. The past few days, he had been extremely worried about Jia Yuan. Not only had Jia Yuan been unconscious, but Guo Huo couldn’t even sense any of Jia Yuan’s aura.

After a few checkups to make sure that there were no lingering problems with Jia Yuan, the teacher and student left the infirmary and walked back to a hotel that Guo Huo had been staying at.

Along the way, Jia Yuan kept glancing at Guo Huo.

How could Guo Huo misinterpret his disciple?? “Alright, alright. I’ll order a big meal for you when we get to the hotel, okay? We’ll consider it your prize for achieving the 4th level of Absorption. But in return, you have to tell me about what happened on the stage.”

Jia Yuan actually stopped walking upon hearing this.

It had been a constant struggle in his mind for the past few months. Should he tell Guo Huo about the Song of Swords?

Jia Yuan began to walk again. “Teacher, let’s talk about it after the meal.”

“Fine, fine” Guo Huo knew not to push too hard. After all, Jia Yuan had his secrets, and Guo Huo had his own.

The two made their way to the hotel, and Guo Huo spared no expense on the meal. He ordered for many of hotel’s best dishes to be brought up to the room.

After eating the sumptuous meal, Jia Yuan looked over to Guo Huo.

“Teacher, the reason I fainted after the battle is because of my Song. It is capable of supporting all four elements.  After reaching the 4th level of Absorption, the power of the water element I gained from the Song activated, which put a toll on my body and mind.

“Wow, that’s… WAIT WHAT??”

Jia Yuan had said the phrase so nonchalantly, Guo Huo had responded without even realized what Jia Yuan had said.

“HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Not even a heavenly Song is capable of anything like that!”

Guo Huo instantly thought for Jia Yuan’s safety. “Does anyone else know about this?”

“There shouldn’t be anyone else who knows… although I think that during the duel. The explosion was caused from my water aura colliding with my fire aura. Jia Rou may have sensed both auras on my body, which would cause him to have suspicions.”

“Ah, that guy.” Guo Huo cleared his throat rather loudly. “Well um, the the explosion seemed to have impacted the other guy very much… his body was fine but apparently he now has amnesia… which means that he probably isn’t a problem.”

“However, his friends are more or less out to kill you. They couldn’t do anything while you were in the infirmary, or they would’ve been killed by the arena guards. However, when you are outside of the arena, you will need to be very careful.”

“As for your Song… thank you for telling me.” Guo Huo understood just how important this knowledge about Jia Yuan’s Song was, and that Jia Yuan was willing to tell him was a show of Jia Yuan’s trust.

“You mentioned that the explosion was caused from your water aura? So your second element is that of water?”


“I see, I see. Haha, you rascal!” Guo Huo patted Jia Yuan strongly on the back, causing the latter  to sway in his chair. “Your luck is far greater than what you’ve let on! This changes my plans, however. We’ll need to find a teacher to train you in the water element. It would also be nice for you to get some combat experience with the water element…”

“Alright, we’ll get you another badge from the Arena. When you fight with the fire element, you’ll fight with your own name. However, when you fight with the water element, you’ll wear a disguise with a mask. You’ll also use an alias. I don’t think anyone would expect someone to have two elements, so there shouldn’t be anyone who realizes the truth.”

For now, rest up. You need about a week’s worth of rest before you’re back to full strength. In the meantime, I’ve found someone to teach you proper manners and etiquette.”

“Whaaaat??” Jia Yuan was not looking forward to these lessons.

“This is an order from your teacher. Like I said when we arrived at the city, this is something that you’ll have to learn eventually anyway.”

“Okay, okay…” Jia Yuan turned to the side and began to grumble.

-knock knock- Some knocks sounded on the door.

“Ah, that should be her!” Guo Huo had a bit of an evil smile on his face as he headed toward the door.

Seeing said smile, Jia Yuan’s face blanched.

Oh god, what kind of demon did he find?

Guo Huo opened the door and an old woman with an extremely strict face walked in.

I’m done for. I’d like to give thanks for the foo..


“Ah, yes. I hope you’ll teach him well.”




“Yes, please go ahead.”

The next few hours were torture for Jia Yuan, as the old lady mercilessly drilled manners and etiquette  into him.

Sit straighter! Hands more angled! When you walk, keep your back straight! Say please!

With each command came the rap of a ruler. While Jia Yuan was at the 4th level of Absorption and wouldn’t really get hurt by a ruler wielded by an old lady, it still stung every time he was hit.

By nighttime, Jia Yuan’s mind was on its last strands. Seeing this, Guo Huo thanked the teacher, paid her, and told her to come back in the morning for Jia Yuan’s next lesson.

Jia Yuan sprawled on the ground, his mind and body unable to suffer anymore.

“Hey champ, how are you doing?” Said Guo Huo while smirking.

“Urghh…” Replied Jia Yuan.

“Alright ,alright. Just get to bed. Your lessons will continue in the morning. She said that at the current pace, you’ll be done in 5 days. Before we leave the city, I’m going to have her visit once more to make sure that you remembered everything, so no being lazy.”

“Blurghhh…” groaned Jia Yuan, as he crawled into his bed. He instantly fell asleep, but was haunted by nightmares of an old lady with horns on her head and a giant ruler as a weapon.

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