The Song of Swords Chapter 43

Jia Yuan and Guo Huo headed to their newly assigned Arena, the B-2 Arena. The fighters at this arena were generally about the 9th level of Absorption with a low level Song.

Upon seeing a kid enter with an old man, many of the fighters began to have rather tasteless expressions on their faces.

No matter if they were fighting against someone so old or someone so young, many of these fighters, in terms of physical fitness, were just about their prime. Of course, looking at an old man and a child, they would feel overly confident

However, some of the more tempered fighters looked at the two with an air of interest. After all, the mere fact that the two were at this arena as fighters meant that the Arena had deemed at least one of them as qualified.

After all, one’s strength couldn’t be seen from just their outside appearance. A tall and strong man could have a weak cultivation base, while someone old and decrepit could have a high cultivation base, which would more than make up for the difference in physical strength.

Jia Yuan and Guo Huo sat on the side of the arena to watch the matches. Some of the fighters were rather truly strong. In fact, there was a hundred man captain of the Burning Legion who was fighting in the B-2 arena.

After watching a few matches, Jia Yuan finally felt a burning sensation in his pocket. His badge was burning, and it was time for him to fight yet again.

Jia Yuan walked onto the stage, and the usual commentary from the announcer followed.

“In this corner, we have an 11 year old fighter at the 4th level of Absorption!”

As soon as the announcer said this line, the spectators began to react in shock!

“What? An eleven year old at the 4th level of Absorption is fighting here? Against that fighter of the 9th level of Absorption? He’s just asking to die!”

That was the general consensus amongst the audience.

Even Guo Huo could not say that he had confidence in Jia Yuan.

However, in Jia Yuan’s mind, he was thinking about something else.

If I keep fighting against people who are only as strong as me, I’ll never improve as fast as someone who has truly been fighting for their life every day. Only by taking risks such as this will I be able to stand at the peak of the world.

The torment he had suffered the last few days from the old lady had not only taught him mannerisms and etiquette, but had also opened his mind to just how far he could push himself, and the rewards that were associated with overcoming such obstacles.

As long as he didn’t die, it would be worth it, right?

After all, the arena fights weren’t necessarily life or death duels. Killing someone was possible and sometimes happened at the arena, but deaths were rather rare, as all one needed to do to win the round was to either make the other admit defeat or knock the other off of the stage.

Jia Yuan drew his sword and waited for the referee to announce the start of the match.


Jia Yuan prepared to defend against his opponent, but the opponent actually didn’t move, and in fact, began to speak.

“It seems that my luck is pretty good. I’ll actually be able to pay you back for hurting Jia Rou.” The opponent said. “Just remember, when Death asks you who sent you, tell them that I, Yang Ji, sent you.”

"Oh? What happened to him?" Jia Yuan knew that he had caused an explosion as he fainted during his fight with Jia Rou, but he didn't realize that Jia Rou friends would be out for revenge. In truth, the biggest injury that Jia Rou had suffered... was to his pride! After all, he had lost to a child!

"You damn brat!" Yang Ji wasn't exactly in the mood to discuss the situation.

With that, Yang Ji started his Song, and settled into an offensive stance, letting his aura of the 9th level of Absorption spread around the stage in an attempt to stifle Jia Yuan.

As soon as Jia Yuan saw Yang Ji do this, he started his own Song, but he still felt a bit suppressed by Yang Ji.

Yang Ji then charged forward with a flaming axe, and began to ruthlessly exchange blows with Jia Yuan.

Seeing that Yang Ji was going all out with a brute force attack, Jia Yuan began to do something that no other cultivator could.

Jia Yuan was the ability of the Song of Swords to fight with the aura of the fire element, but was moving and dodging by using the Dance and stances associated with the water element, which were far more suited for defense than those of the fire element.

After all, fire was the element of aggression, and water was the element of fluidity.

However, this meant that Jia Yuan had basically no offensive capabilities, since attacking with the fire element while dancing with the water element meant that his movements were poorly suited to attacking with fire.

But it didn’t matter, as Yang Ji couldn’t hit him either! The fight more or less stagnated as Yang Ji kept swinging at Jia Yuan, who kept dodging and blocking.

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