The Song of Swords Chapter 46

The two brothers chatted long into the night while eating the restaurant’s food. Every time Jia Yuan ordered a new dish, however, Dou Di’s eyes grew bigger. After all, the food was extremely expensive, thousands of times more expensive than the congee that the two had grown up on.

Watching Jia Yuan pull large fire shards one after another out of his sleeve made Dou Di feel extremely curious. What exactly had Jia Yuan done in the last two years to be so rich? Even the vibe Jia Yuan was giving off was far different from what he remembered of his little brother.

“Hey, little bro. Tell me what went on with you these two years. How come you’re so rich?”

“Ah...” Jia Yuan hesitated, then said, “A wealthy noble came by the village and decided to take me as his disciple!”

“Wahhh, so lucky! How strong are you now?”

Jia Yuan leaned close to Dou Di. “If I said I was at the 5th level of Absorption, would you believe me?”

Dou Di snickered and responded. “If you had such a rich guy as your teacher, I would’ve been disappointed if you didn’t progress that much. As for me, I’ve reached the 4th level of Absorption. Hehe, it looks like us two brothers are rather talented. We both have a fairly good chance to qualify for the Burning Legion.”

They continued to chat and eat through the evening, only making their way to an inn at midnight. Dou Di had been prepared to  head back to the barracks, which were jam packed with “Burning Legion Candidates” who like him had been slaves bought by the Army for the Burning Legion. However, with Jia Yuan’s fortune, renting a room at the inn for the two brothers was very simple and much more comfortable.

The two of them would spend the days before the tournament in a leisurely manner, playing around. On the last day before the tournament, Dou Di suddenly suggested that the two of them spar like they had back at Fire Hill Village.

“How? I don’t want to show others any of our skills before the tournament.” Said Jia Yuan. He didn’t really care, as he was completely confident in being accepted by the Burning Legion, but while Dou Di’s strength should be good enough to make it into the Burning Legion, it was still not a guarantee.

“Hmm…” Dou Di thought of a solution. “You’re rich, right? We can rent a private sparring arena. They have some here so that people can practice in secret until the tournament starts.”

“Sure, let’s head over to where they are, and we can see if we can rent one for an hour or so.”

The two headed over to the area Dou Di had remembered the private sparring arenas to be, and quickly rented one out. It seemed that most people were planning to rest in preparation for the start of the tournament tomorrow.

The two brothers each picked up a wooden sword provided in the arena and rushed toward each other. The two began a complicated dance with their swords and bodies, flames flying all around the arena. Fortunately, the walls of the arena were protected by some special means, so they remained undamaged.

Although Dou Di was fighting with all of his ability, Jia Yuan actually had to hold himself back a great deal, to the 2nd level of Absorption.

However, Jia Yuan quickly realized that his calculations of Dou Di’s strengths were incorrect!

“Big brother, you actually don’t have a low level Song!” Jia Yuan was happily surprised.

“Haha, that’s right! They said that my talent was rather superb so they actually granted me one of the five medium level scrolls they had.” Dou Di proudly bragged.

“Hmph, so what?” Jia Yuan felt his competitiveness grow and increased his strength to the 3rd level of Absorption, and for the first time since the two boys had begun sparring, Jia Yuan had a clear advantage.

“What???” Dou Di was extremely surprised. “How are you overpowering me so easily? Do you have a medium or high level Song?”

“Hehe. Your little brother is more impressive than you thought, hm?” Jia Yuan avoided telling Dou Di about his Song, choosing to gloat instead. Since this was in line with how Jia Yuan used to behave, Dou Di didn’t feel any suspicions toward it.

Soon after, Jia Yuan easily overpowered Dou Di and took the victory in the match.

“Ahhh… looks like after these two years of being apart, you really have surpassed me. Time sure flies huh.”


“Alright, we should rest in preparation for the tournament tomorrow. Let’s head back to that inn.”

The two brothers headed back toward the inn and rested. Dou Di slept on the bed, while Jia Yuan spent his time meditating.

After meditating for a few hours, Jia Yuan’s mind and body were in harmony. He opened his eyes, and his gaze was filled with determination.

The next step to becoming the strongest in the world starts tomorrow!

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