The Song of Swords Chapter 48

As soon as the start of the fight started, the thousands of contestants formed groups, which then fought against nearby groups. Clearly, the majority of the fighters had spent the last few hours developing alliances.

Like Jia Yuan, there were still many individual fighters. For the most part, these individual fighters were quickly wiped out by the groups as easy prey.

However, that was not the case for Jia Yuan. Most of the contestants were at or below the 4th level of Absorption, and Jia Yuan was strong enough to contest with those at the Manipulation level.

Jia Yuan could walk through the stadium field as he pleased, and that is exactly what he did. Jia Yuan surrounded himself with a thick fiery aura that protected him from any attacks heading his way, and walked toward the center of the field.

Some competitors would try to attack Jia Yuan, but upon encountering the aura around Jia Yuan, would quickly realize that he was far stronger than they, and would promptly retreat.

While Jia Yuan was making his way toward the center of the field, the audience roared as they watched the spectacle below.

As for the King, he and his ministers were pointing out various fighters and discussing their strengths.

At this time, the King actually noticed Da Rong, who along with the rest of the “rich group,” was making quick work of several enemies surrounding him.

“That kid over there, who is he?” The King asked.

One of the ministers beside him quickly replied. “That there is Da Rong, the youngest son of Da Xiu, the governor of BlackSteel City.”

“Impressive, Impressive. That rascal must be happy he was able to have such an outstanding son.”

The King and his ministers continued to look for strong fighters, and frequently pointed out a noble’s son or daughter. After all, this was a good chance for some of the ministers to help out their less powerful friends by introducing their friend’s lower generation to the King.

After a few minutes of this, the number of contestants still in contention was reaching about three thousand. The field wasn’t as crowded, and most of those who were left were strong in their own right.

It was at this time, that the King emphatically pointed toward the middle of the field. “That kid right there, who is he?”

None of the ministers could respond.

“Is he not a noble’s son? How is he so strong?”

Previously, Jia Yuan had walked toward the center of the field, and instead of attacking those around him directly, he had simply expanded the area his aura occupied, which forced those around him to retreat, else they would succumb to the pressure.

Doing this had singled him out in the middle of the field, making it very easy for the audience, including the King, to notice him.

Once Jia Yuan knew that he had garnered the attention of the audience, he began to dance in the center of the stadium. To start, a bit of fire trailed behind his blade, but with every movement, the size of the fire trailing HiRyu grew, until Jia Yuan was surrounded by a continuous ribbon of flame, surrounding him like an inferno. While the fighters couldn’t see the true length of the ribbon of flame, the King, from his vantage point, could.

It was over 50 meters long!

At this point, Jia Yuan closed his eyes and used his mental energy to explode the flame outwards, effectively forcing the majority of the competitors to retreat to the edges of the stadium, instantly ousting several hundred.

As for those who remained, they looked at Jia Yuan in horror.

What kind of strength was that? He was clearly so young, but that strength was far beyond any of their capabilities.

Even Da Rong and Yan Dan, who were among the strongest of the competitors, were completely flabbergasted. That kind of power rivaled the kind of power their parents had. In fact, Yan Dan wasn’t even sure her father was capable of unleashing such power.

After a momentary pause, fighting resumed in the stadium, but everyone made sure to steer clear of Jia Yuan, who drew his aura back into his body and simply sat down in the middle of the field, waiting for those around him to finish their business.

In fact, he was so comfortable that he took an apple out of his ring and began gnawing on it just like Guo Huo had in the past. While doing so, he looked up toward the King.

The King, having witnessed the power of the youth, as well as the audacity of said youth to simply sit down in the middle of all of the fighting, was actually rather delighted.

“I’ve made my decision. After the round, bring that kid up here. I want to know what kind of a person he is.”



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