The Song of Swords Chapter 5

Unfortunately, Jia Yuan had chores to do the next morning before he could leave the village.


Fortunately, the master only had a few chores for him to do, and Jia Yuan performed them at his quickest speed. After finishing, he sprinted as fast as he could toward the cave. This time, nothing blocked his way to the cave.


Soon enough, he found the face and made his way to the end.


He moved the stone blocking of the room at the end of the cave and descended into the hidden room.


He looked at the Song.


As part of the dream last night, the Elder had showed him how to acquire the song.


Jia Yuan walked toward the pillar holding the scroll, and picked the scroll up and concentrated. After a tense moment of concentration, he was able to send a part of his soul into the scroll.


A flurry of information entered Jia Yuan’s brain. Images, words, and most distinctly, a solemn melody flowed around in his mind.


Jia Yuan had acquired his Song. In a person’s entire life, they may only acquire one Song. Even if one grew up an extravagantly rich household, they would only be able to acquire a single Song, no different from a commoner. As such, the only differentiator when it comes to acquiring a Song is the quality of the Song.


Jia Yuan was a slave who had worked his entire life with only the goal of becoming a foot soldier in the Burning Legion.


He had acquired the Song of Swords.


After about 2 hours, Jia Yuan moved again. The information that had been coursing through his mind had stopped about an hour ago, but he had spent yet another hour entranced the information.


While he did not understand the vast majority of the information that he had received from the scroll, he was sure of one thing. He had definitely struck gold.


This is definitely not a low level scroll. It is definitely at least a medium or high level scroll. Otherwise, there definitely should not have been such a level of information…


But what element is this scroll?


I thought for sure that this would be a Song of Fire, but it doesn’t seem so.


I guess I can only keep training in the way of the Song and see how things go.


Jia Yuan was very puzzled, but even this feeling of puzzlement could not dampen his happiness of receiving a Song.


“Now I should be considered to be in the first level of Absorption! That means that in two years, I’ll be bought for a thousand more small fire shards than big bro! Haha, I’ll have to tease him when I meet him in the Burning Legion!”


At this moment, he surveyed his surroundings.


“Huh? Where did the pillar go?”


The pillar had disappeared, and in its place, was an ordinary black box.


Jia Yuan reached down and opened the box.


The box was filled with little circular orbs and seemed to be divided by type. In total, there were eight types of these little orbs, and there seemed to be over 200 orbs of each type.


Another ghostly image floated out of the box.


”Hello, receiver of the Song of Swords. I am the creator of these pills, as well as a close friend of the creator of the Song of Swords. At the time of the creation of the message, the creator of the Song of Swords has already died. Betrayed by his family, betrayed by his nation, he was a victim of slaughter. As his last close friend, I felt it my duty to pass on his greatest success, this Song of Swords.”


“I hope that these pills will help you on your path. Use them well and bring the Song of Swords to the forefront of the world! Please, for the sake of this old man and the betrayed creator of the Song of Swords, give us this last shout of defiance.”


“The top four pills in the box are used to train the soul, so that your understanding of the Song may improve by leaps and bounds.” “The first can be used in the absorption stage, the second can be used during the manipulation stage, and the third can be used during the True Disciple stage, while the fourth will help you establish the Truth.”


“The bottom four pills in the box are used to train the body. These pills are very precious, and it was only by sacrificing the lives of thousands of people that these pills were made. As you may or may not know, the average body can only handle one element of a Song.”


“For example, most people in the Fire Nation can only train in a Song of Fire, because they were only born with the capability to accept this element. The same applies to the Water Nation, Air Nation, and Earth Nation.”


“However, there was a small nation comprised of people with the element of the Sword, the Sword Kingdom. Alas, my friend was a leader of this Kingdom. Unfortunately, his family and friends were tricked by the other nations, and my friend was betrayed. Soon thereafter, the Sword Kingdom collapsed, and the vast majority of the citizens were killed. The land of the Sword Nation was divided amongst the other four nations, and its name has slowly faded from history.”


“The Sword nation had an important secret. With the consumption of certain pills, a descendant of the Sword element is able to train in more than one element. However, training in more than one element puts great strain on the body, and also requires a massive amount of pills.”


“I have prepared the required pills for you. There are 200 Fire Pills, 200 Water Pills, 200 Air Pills, and 200 Earth Pills. If you choose this path, you should train your body while consuming the Pills. Even if you choose to only train in one element, these pills will help you train in that element. But since you received the Song of Swords, it means that you are a descendent of the Sword element, so you are able to train in more than one. It is my wish, and probably my old friend’s wish that you train in multiple elements to bring his Song to the pinnacle of the world, but it is understandable if you are not willing to do so.”


“I would recommend only consuming one type of elemental pill at a time, as consuming multiple types at the same time could bring about adverse effects or even death. Also, you will receive a small power boost in the associated element after consuming a pill. If you are in a situation of life or death, you can use a pill to give yourself the edge.”


“Finally, look at the center of the box. In that small compartment is a ring. It may look like a bland wooden ring, but it is in fact a priceless treasure, capable of storing any item. The inside of the ring has the space of 729000 cubic feet. To take it as the owner and to use it in the future, simply send a strand of your soul into the ring. If you are the first to do this, it will recognize you as its only owner, and not allow anyone else to access the items within unless you die.”


“This is all I can do to help you, oh descendant of the Sword Element.”


And with that, the ghostly image faded into the air.


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