The Song of Swords Chapter 50

Much more wary of the situation, Jia Yuan slowly walked in front of the King. Upon reaching a distance of about 5 meters, he knelt on one knee.

“Your Majesty.”

“Rise! Haha, It’s rare to find someone so talented. I was interested by your demonstration during the tournament battle. It seems that you have quite good control over the flames of your Song.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The King had been praising Jia Yuan in hopes of learning who this boy was supported by. Clearly, given Jia Yuan’s expertise, he had to have some power helping him. However, Jia Yuan had replied very nonchalantly, not revealing any information. This slightly irritated the King, who was rather used to getting his way. However, he kept a clear mind.

“Hm, given your strength, I think you are the strongest amongst the 8 picked from the last round of the tournament. How about this, then? I’ll let you have first pick among the royal weapons.”

“Thank you, your majesty.”

“Haha, no need to thank me. It is in the Fire Kingdom’s interests to reward the talented. Now, why don’t you tell me about yourself? I’m quite interested, since none of my ministers seem to know anything about you.”

Ahh, so that’s what he was aiming for. I guess he wants to see if I belong to some faction that may bring harm to the throne…He has to plan for everything, after all.

“That’s fine, but uh, Your Majesty, I exhausted a bit of strength earlier, so do you mind if I tell you while we eat?”

The King was rather surprised at the boy’s audacity, but after the initial feeling of shock, he was rather amused. It seemed that this boy was rather straightforward, which made it easier for the King. It was far easier to deal with someone who was open and straightforward than someone who spent their time scheming. It was also much safer.

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

And so, Jia Yuan told the King about his background, how he was a slave in a small village, how he had by some stroke of fortune, found a powerful Song in a cave. He didn’t go to details about the Song of Swords, as Jia Yuan knew that the Sword Kingdom had been demolished by the other Kingdoms. This meant that if the King found out that Jia Yuan possessed such a Song, he could view Jia Yuan as a threat.

For simplicity’s sake, Jia Yuan only told the King that his Song was likely a high level Song. This would somewhat explain the power they had seen before, and would also maintain the King’s view about him being a premier talent that should be invested in.

Jia Yuan even told the King that Guo Huo was his teacher, at which point the King raised his eyebrows. Of course, Jia Yuan didn’t tell the King about the training in the crater, skipping that to talk about his training at BlueFire City instead.

At the end of his narrative, Jia Yuan had eaten five full dishes of food that had been brought to the royal box for the King and his ministers to enjoy. However, none of them minded much, as Jia Yuan’s story had impressed all of them to no end.

A 12 year old at the 5th level of Absorption! As if that wasn’t enough to shock them, Jia Yuan had even stated that he had won more than 100 life or death battles at a the BlueFire City Arena, and many of those wins were even against those at the 9th level of Absorption!

When they thought about Jia Yuan’s future… it could signal the rise of the Fire Kingdom!

For a 12 year old to reach the 5th level of Absorption was extremely rare to begin with, 1 in a million! Someone who was able to easily defeat those at the 9th level of Absorption while at the 5th level of Absorption, was simply unheard of.

The King and his ministers all had the same train of thought. They had stumbled onto a gem! This boy needed to be roped in for the sake of the Fire Kingdom. How fortunate that this gem was already trying to join the Burning Legion!

However, the King clearly wouldn’t take something so outrageous at face value.

“Jia Yuan, what you are saying is quite impressive. Ha, it seems that I have another request to make of you. You say that you are able to easily defeat those at the 9th level of Absorption, if they have a low level Song. Is there any chance you could demonstrate this?”

“Sure. I assume there aren’t any with low level Songs among your guards, though…” Jia Yuan cast an eye at the guards surrounding the perimeter of the royal box.”

Jia Yuan was used to fighting in such a manner, and naturally wouldn’t refuse the King’s request.

“That’s fine.” The King turned to the guard at his right and motioned toward Jia Yuan. The guard understood and walked toward Jia Yuan, while the ministers and other guards pushed themselves to the far edges of the royal box. While the royal box was fairly large, they knew that the destructive power of the 9th level of Absorption was, while not overbearing, was still deadly. Some of the ministers weren’t even cultivators, and therefore had no personal abilities to defend themselves. Although they had guards to protect them, they still wouldn’t feel as safe as they would if they themselves were cultivators.

“This is my most trusted guard, Chen Xuan. He is at the 7th level of Manipulation and possesses a high level Song. That, combined with his extensive combat experience, makes him a very fearsome fighter. If he suppresses his cultivation to the 6th level of Absorption, the power should be similar to that of the 9th level of Absorption for a low level Song. However, he’ll still have some advantages compared to the average peak Absorption level cultivator.”

Jia Yuan nodded, and faced Chen Xuan. “It is an honor to trade blows with someone as impressive as you. Please instruct me well.”

Chen Xuan nodded with an honest smile on his face. He had seen Jia Yuan’s power earlier, and after hearing Jia Yuan’s story, he was convinced that Jia Yuan was even more impressive than he was in his youth.

With that conclusion, he greatly admired Jia Yuan.

The two drew their weapons and their respective songs began to play in the depths of their mind and soul. Their auras began to flow out of their bodies, clashing against each other in the air between the two.

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