The Song of Swords Chapter 52

The King sat back, looking at Jia Yuan and Chen Xuan. He then motioned to Chen Xuan, who returned to his side.

The King gave Chen Xuan a questioning look, and Chen Xuan responded with a nod.

“Congratulations, Jia Yuan. It truly seems that you’re stronger than those at the 9th level of Absorption. Chen Xuan things that you would even be able to combat those at the 1st level of Manipulation!”

“It was great to hear your story and the fight was even more spectacular, but we have some tasks to take care of before the feast tomorrow in the city. Don’t worry about getting there, as we will send a carriage for you in the morning.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty, lords.” Jia Yuan clasped his hands toward the King, and then toward the various nobles surrounding him. He then moved toward the stairs, grabbing a turkey leg on the way. As he descended, he devoured said leg, and then made his way to the inn he and Dou Di were staying at.

As soon as he walked into their room, Dou Di rushed toward him.

“Hey, little bro! You were keeping your strength secret from me! You rascal!” Dou Di started playfully punching Jia Yuan. Despite his words, he wasn’t actually mad at all.

He was actually beside himself with happiness that his little brother was so strong. After all, he was the one who had initially steered Jia Yuan toward the path of martial cultivation by training with him to join the Burning Legion.

“Woah, woah. Don’t say that big bro, I just wanted it to be a surprise!”

“Hmph, I don’t believe it for a second. How about this? Make it up to me by treating me to dinner again.”

“Sure, although, not right now… I’m kind of full.”


“Ahhhhh!!!” Jia Yuan screamed as he ran around the room being chased by Dou Di.

The two boys continued to have fun as they later ate another pricey dinner.

The hours went by, and soon it was morning again.

Jia Yuan was still sleeping when a carriage with the royal emblem, a red and golden fire symbol, pulled up in front of the inn, causing a commotion. Although most of the competitors had either been killed or had already left due to being disqualified, there were still 8 thousand competitors remaining.

Out of the 8 thousand remaining, there were only 8 who impressed enough to be invited to the feast. However, that wasn’t even significant compared to the real prize. A weapon from the royal weaponry! These weapons were all treasures that had been saved up by the royal family over the course of thousands of years, and those invited to the feast were able to choose any weapon of their liking!

To put it into perspective, a single weapon from the royal armory could be valued between a million to a hundred million large fire shards.

Simply frightening!

Hundreds crowded around the carriage, waiting to see who had acquired this unique privilege. However, the carriage was surrounded by more than 20 impressively garbed guards, so they didn’t dare to get too close to the carriage. Meanwhile, one of the guards walked into the inn, up to Jia Yuan’s room. He knocked on the door.

“Jia Yuan sir, your carriage is here.”

Inside the room, the two youths were still sleeping. Hearing the knocks on the door as well as the shout of the guard, Jia Yuan groggily woke up. Wearing his wrinkled robe, he stumbled his way to the door and opened it.

“Hello, I’m Jia Yuan.” Jia Yuan’s hair was currently scruffy, which combined with his wrinkled robe, gave him a rather unkempt appearance.

The guard was surprised. In past tournaments, all of the “winners” of the first round who were chosen to attend the celebratory feast were all of noble birth, so they were very well groomed. Basically, the complete opposite of what he saw in front of him.

“You are Jia Yuan?” The guard looked Jia Yuan over. “Show me your aura.”

Jia Yuan released his aura, suppressed to the 5th level of Absorption. Upon feeling the strong aura, the guard was convinced that Jia Yuan was telling the truth.

“Alright. Come with me.”

“Can I bring my brother?”


“I’m bringing my brother. I know the King, I’m sure it will be fine.” Jia Yuan really wanted to bring his brother along, and with the amount of interest the King had shown in him, Jia Yuan was sure that the King wouldn’t mind if Jia Yuan brought his brother along.

The guard gave Jia Yuan a shocked look. This kid knew the King?

In terms of risk, the risk of angering someone who knew the King was a lot higher than the risk associated with letting Jia Yuan bring his brother along.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

Jia Yuan grabbed Dou Di who had woken up at the same time he did, and followed the guard to the carriage, ignoring the masses that surrounded said carriage. Entering the carriage, he began searching for food and drinks.

As for Dou Di, he was just grateful that Jia Yuan was bringing him along.

The masses, however, were rather confused. After all, Jia Yuan had an average stature, and didn’t look too strong. That, in addition to his disheveled appearance, meant that he looked like any other commoner.

“That’s the kid who was in the 8th group yesterday! He’s freaking strong! I saw him create 50 meter long ribbon of fire!”

“What?! Him??”

Those who were in the 8th group and had seen Jia Yuan’s strength quickly spread news of his strength, while the others were rather skeptic of their ramblings.

Who was willing to believe that one of their fellow competitors had such power? If those who were in the 8th group hadn’t seen Jia Yuan’s abilities for themselves, they may not have believed it either.

If only they had known that Jia Yuan hadn’t even been using his full power…

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