The Song of Swords Chapter 56

Dou Di would probably be fine unless he encountered someone of the 5th level of Absorption or higher. As for the amount of competitors who had reached that level, was probably less than 5.

Even against these competitors, Dou Di would be able to forfeit before taking any fatal hits. As such, Jia Yuan and Dou Di were both confident that he would be fine while participating in the tournament.

As for when he was outside the stadium, he would be with Jia Yuan. With Jia Yuan’s strength, there wasn’t any need for the two to be worried.

As such, they felt relaxed, even seeing the greedy eyes staring at them.

Inside the stadium, the two brothers chatted while they waited to be summoned into the stadium to fight.

Finally, Dou Di was called, and after a while, Jia Yuan was as well.

Alright. Show time! Remember what Guo Huo said, I can’t be too harsh on these people… I’ll just knock them out of the ring, heh.

Jia Yuan walked through some tunnels and found himself next to one of the 100 arenas in the stadium. He walked up the steps, and saw his first opponent.

Jia Yuan was very relaxed throughout. However, his opponent seemed to have gotten a stroke.

“You! Why did I have to face you in the first round??? Aiishhhh….”

He had been part of the Jia Yuan’s group in the first round and naturally had seen just how strong Jia Yuan was.

As soon as the fight started, he surrendered. And then next fighter surrendered. And the next.

A few hours later, Jia Yuan was one of the last 100 who hadn’t lost a single match. Not only did he not lose a single match, but he hadn’t even been allowed to fight.

Goddammit, this was funny at first, but now I just want to be able to play around a little. All this time-wasting is getting so boring!

As Jia Yuan looked toward the rankings, he saw that Dou Di was actually undefeated as well. This didn’t really surprise him at all. After all, his older brother had a medium level Song and had a peerless weapon. Furthermore, he was extremely skilled in single combat. Before Dou Di had been sold to the army, Jia Yuan hadn’t been able to beat him a single time.

It was only because of Jia Yuan’s unique circumstances that he was stronger than Dou Di.

A day passed, and it was now the third round of the tournament. The thousand that had qualified for the Burning Legion had already been selected. The two brothers had both made it, but they were still fighting.

The top 100 were all to perform 1 on 1 combat to determine their initial ranking in the Burning Legion. The 900 that had qualified but were no longer competing would be the foot soldiers of the Burning Legion.

As for the remaining 100, they were competing to see who would be a 10 man commander, 100 man commander, and so forth. The champion of the tournament would be groomed into a 1000 man commander. As such, a new battalion with its own officers would be born.

For many of the stronger competitors, this would be where the real test began.

In the first round, Jia Yuan was actually matched up against Lin Xuan, who was the staff user invited to HuoShen Palace.

In Lin Xuan’s hands was a red staff, carved out of fire-attribute jade, engraved with some magical symbols to enhance the strength of one’s Song.

“Jia Yuan, it is an honor to be able to fight against you. I heard that you were personally invited to the royal box after the first tournament round was over!”

“Thank you very much! I am looking forward to seeing your skill with the staff. May the best man win.”

“May the best man win.”

The two clasped their hands toward each other, and then took their stances.

This was actually the first time Jia Yuan had fought against a staff user. At BlueFire City, he had fought against axe and sword wielders, but since there were only Fire Kingdom and Water Kingdom citizens there, he had only fought against axe and sword wielders.

In front of him, Lin Xuan waved his staff in a circular pattern, and a wheel of fire erupted towards Jia Yuan, completely filling his field of vision!


Jia Yuan couldn’t see an escape route from the wheel of fire heading towards him. He had to charge through!

This was always a possible, but dangerous maneuver for any martial cultivator.

Jia Yuan gripped his sword tightly and then cut a star-like pattern into the wheel of fire, dashing through in the following instance.

Shit! I got burned!

While most of Jia Yuan’s body was able to make it through the wheel of fire unscathed, the back of his left hand had been burned, and he could smell some burned hair.

Alright then. You want to play serious, huh.

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