The Song of Swords Chapter 58

At the resting area, Jia Yuan bade farewell to Lin Xuan and looked for Dou Di. After asking around, he found out that Dou Di’s match was actually right after his, and had already went to the stage.

Well, I might as well go and watch.

Jia Yuan walked into the stands and prepared to watch the bout.

After 5 minutes, Dou Di and his competitor walked into the stadium. Dou Di’s competitor was actually one of the axe users invited to the HuoShen Palace.

He appeared to be stronger than Dou Di! As such, Jia Yuan was worried for his older brother.

The match started, and it was clear that Dou Di was being pushed back. He was struggling heavily under the brutal assault of his opponent.

A fighter at the 4th level of Absorption with an axe from the royal armory. For him to be shoving back Dou Di so heavily, who was at the 4th level of Absorption with a medium level Song, mean that the axe-user likely had a high level Song!

A high level Song was extremely rare, to the point that there was probably less than a thousand cultivators with high level Songs on the Continent of the Five Elements.

For there to be multiple rookies in the Burning Legion with high level Songs, was truly a blessing to the Fire Kingdom.

However, it was currently a problem for Dou Di. He was constantly being forced back, and he was currently teetering on the edge of the stage.

With a final blow, the other fighter chopped downward, his axe flying past Dou Di’s sword, drawing a huge gash down Dou Di’s body.

“BROTHER!” Jia Yuan screamed as he headed toward the stage.

He watched as Dou Di’s body toppled down from the stage. He watched as he saw his brother spit out blood as he hit the ground.

In a flash, Jia Yuan was by Dou Di’s side.

“Brother, are you alright?” Jia Yuan could see that while the gash looked fearsome from the outside because it was long and bloody, the wound didn’t actually go too far deep.

However, it appeared that Dou Di had fainted.

“Medic! Doctor! Someone!” Jia Yuan shouted, and after a few more seconds, he saw some soldiers in medic gear carry a bench towards Dou Di.

They placed Dou Di on the bench and hurried away.

Jia Yuan glared at Dou Di’s opponent. “What is your name?!”

“My name is Jie En. What are you so mad about? It’s not like he’s going to die.”

“Hmph. We both know what I’m mad about. At that last instance you could have won through a variety of means. However, you went for the most violent ending.”

“So? It’s his fault that he’s not strong enough to defend himself. Besides, what are you going to do about it? Your cultivation may be stronger than mine, but you gave your royal weapon to this weakling. If we fought, we’d probably be more or less evenly matched.”

Jia Yuan snorted. “Is that a challenge you’re issuing to me?”

Jie En laughed. “Yes it is, you idiot. Do you dare to come up here? Hmph, maybe you’re too much of a coward. I should have killed your brother there. Commoners like you don’t deserve to be officers in the Burning Legion.”

Jia Yuan jumped onto the stage and drew HiRyu out its sheath. “If you had killed my brother, you would not still be alive…”

At this point, a referee was about to stop the proceedings, but a minister in the royal box waved his hand toward the referee, signaling him to stand back. Clearly, the minister was interested in watching this showdown between two future officers of the Burning Legion.

Jia Yuan and Jie En charged toward each other. Jia Yuan fought with this cultivation suppressed slightly to the tip of the 5th level of Absorption. Although he held back in this aspect, he didn’t hold back in any others.

Jia Yuan dug his foot into the stage and propelled himself forward, flying through the air towards Jie En. He released flames from the soles of his feet, adding to the propelling force. As for the rest of his aura, he used it all in his arms and sword.

As he was about to reach Jie En, he stomped his foot down into the stage, sending cracks through the surface.

He spun a full circle and swung his circle from right to left with a streak of flame following his blade.

Jie En’s axe collided with Jia Yuan’s blade, causing an explosion of aura and force, forcing both fighters back several paces.

The crowd cheered loudly! After all, this was the first time that they had seen a fight of such force. Jia Yuan and Lin Xuan had fought earlier, but neither of them had been fighting to harm the other. It was a rather harmless contest of skill.

However, it was obvious that Jia Yuan and Jie En were fighting to bring injury to one another.

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