The Song of Swords Chapter 59

The two weapons continued to clash together, but it was clear that the battle was taking its toll on the combatants’ bodies, as well as the stage. The stage, designed to be impervious to those at the Absorption level, was starting to break down as well.

Chunks of stone flew off of the stage, some pieces even began to fly into the lower levels of the stands.

Actually, the audience couldn’t even see the finer details of the fight anymore. At the center of the stage, all they could see was a tornado of fire in which some blurred images were knocking into each other in time to the sound of clashing weapons.

However, although they couldn’t really see the fight, they knew just how incredible the fight was.

It was two fighters under 15 years of age who were causing such a scene!

Up in the royal box, the ministers watched, flabbergasted.

“Have we seen a fight like this… ever?”

“Yes, but it’s been many years… if this is anything to go by, it really seems that this will be the best rookie battalion the Burning Legion has had in a while.”

“Mm. It’s a pity, however, that Jie En had to provoke Jia Yuan to such an extent…While Jie En’s strength is very good, he’s two years older than Jia Yuan. His potential is much lower. Furthermore, if he has that kind of condescending attitude…”

“Are you saying what I think you are?”

“Mm. We sacrifice Jie En if it comes to it. Someone with his temperament isn’t going to be a good officer. Besides, the Jie family has been on the downfall for quite a while now. It won’t hurt us much. Jia Yuan has Guo Huo backing him. You know what that means.”

“I see. You’re right. His majesty seems intent on helping this Jia Yuan kid…”

As the ministers discussed the fighters below, Jia Yuan was starting to become impatient. After all, he had the strength to easily dispose of Jie En, but he didn’t want to show his true power.

And so, he kept fighting with his cultivation suppressed. Jie En was at a constant disadvantage, even with Jia Yuan suppressing his aura. However, his axe was far superior to HiRyu. If HiRyu could be valued at a few thousand large fire shards, Jie En’s axe could be valued at a few million! The difference between the two weapons was that of heaven and earth!

After another few minutes of fighting, Jie En finally began to lose steam. He had a high level Song, and it cost him a great deal of mental endurance to keep fighting with the aid of his Song. However, if he didn’t fight with his Song, he would be no more than a talented foot soldier. He would be instantly trampled by Jia Yuan’s power!

He grit his teeth and did his best to disregard his mental exhaustion. However, he soon began to feel sharp jabs of pain in his head. Furthermore, he began to see a dark sea…

He looked at Jia Yuan, who wasn’t even breathing hard, and felt regret in his heart. Why did he have to be so boastful in front of this monster? Aish…

Jia Yuan relentlessly forced Jie En back. He knew that Jie En couldn’t possibly hold on for much longer.

A few blows later, and Jie En fell to his knees, unable to fight any longer. Not only did he not have any mental strength left, but he had exerted all of his physical energy as well.

All he was now was a breathing punching bag.

“I… forfeit…” Jie En managed to force out these words.

“I won’t accept your forfeit unless you promise to apologize to apologize to all of the commoners of the Burning Legion for looking down on them.”

Jie En shut his eyes and grimaced. He could promise this, but he would be unable to recover any face!

His body shuddered as he thought about it. Finally, he replied. “Fine.” After saying this, he continued to lie on the stage, unable to move.

Jia Yuan walked off of the stage and asked a guard for the directions to the medical center. Upon receiving directions, he headed to the medical center.

Looking around, he saw thousands of wounded combatants. There were simply too many people, and the conditions in the medical center were shady at best.

Jia Yuan felt a pit forming in his stomach. Even if Dou Di was fine when he arrived at the medical center, Jia Yuan wouldn’t be surprised if his brother’s condition had worsened by being here.

He quickly pulled over a nurse and explained who he was looking for. The nurse offered to lead Jia Yuan to his brother, and he accepted.

Walking through the rows of the injured, Jia Yuan spotted his older brother.

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