The Song of Swords Chapter 6

Jia Yuan flopped backwards onto the ground.




“This can’t be true can it? I’m a member of the Fire Kingdom,there is no way some Sword Kingdom ever existed, and there is even less of a chance that I am a descendant.”


“Even if this is true, at present I am merely a slave. I don’t even have my own freedom, how am I supposed to find revenge for these two old men from god knows when in the past, and even if someday I have the strength to do so, should I?”


“After all, I haven’t even heard of a Sword Kingdom. By this judgement, this extermination of the Sword Kingdom should have happened a long time ago in the past. Does it even matter anymore if this nation was exterminated? After all, wars happen all the time, and there will always be winners and losers…”


“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter for now. The old man sure was kind to provide me with all these pills and even to give me a safe way to keep them by my side.”


Jia Yuan faced the box and bowed. After all, even though the old man had his own personal reasons for helping Jia Yuan, the fact was still that had had done Jia Yuan a great service.


Jia Yuan then took out the wooden ring from the box. As the old man had said, it looked overly ordinary, so ordinary that Jia Yuan even suspected the old man’s words. I guess I’ll just have to try what he said.


Jia Yuan sent a strand of his soul into the ring and gasped.


For inside there was truly a space that looked like a box, 90 feet by 90 feet as the old man had said, with ceiling far overhead.


“What a treasure! Seems like I’ve really profited this time”


Jia Yuan quickly deposited the box of pills into the ring, and looked around the cave once more. After verifying that there was nothing in the room, he promptly left.


For now, I will spend my time training. All of those grandiose things the old man mentioned, there is no point worrying about them now. I’ll have enough time to worry about those when I’m strong.


Jia Yuan ran out of the gave and started a dead sprint towards Fire Hill Village. After all, he had spent a rather long time in the cave, and it was nearing nighttime again.


“Tomorrow, I’ll start training while taking the pills. Since the old man said that eating the pills will improve my soul and body, as well as my control over the elements, the pills should boost my training significantly. Normally, in a year I would probably be able to rise to the 2nd level of Absorption, but maybe with these I will be able to climb to the 3rd level of Absorption before I am sold to the Army.”


“Ha, how happy would master be if that happened?”


Jia Yuan arrived at the old hut, but what he saw inside horrified him.


His kind master was lying on the floor of the hut, covered in cuts and bruises. He had clearly been attacked by either another villager or traveler.


“Master, what’s wrong? Who attacked you?”


“Ah… Jia Yuan…I’ve lost everything…”


“Master? What do you mean?”


“The Zhao family… they saw that I had sold your older brother to the Army yesterday, so they sent their slaves to come rob me of the small fire shards… I tried to stop them, and so they attacked me.”


“What?? The village won’t stand for it!”


“That may be true, but the Zhao family controls far too many slaves for the village to respond. Right now the Zhao family’s status is even higher than that of the village elder. Ah, whatever. The wounds aren’t life threatening… We’ll just have to make do.”


Jia Yuan was angry about the incident, and rightfully so. Even though he did not know, many of the village residents had seen the Zhao family march some slaves into his master’s house and bring out a large bag of fire shards.


There are two reasons why the village was not willing or able to respond. First off, the Zhao family was large and controlled a disproportionately large amount of slaves. Second, their family head was overly strong. In fact, their family head had recently achieved the 7th level of Absorption. Even the village head, who was one of the strongest village elders around, was only at the 6th level of Absorption, so there was truly no way for the village to respond.


“It's okay, Jia Yuan.” Said the master. “This sort of injustice exists throughout the world. If I wasn’t so weak, they Zhao family may not have chosen to steal from me. But alas, I am unable to cultivate… my body and soul are both truly too weak.”


Jia Yuan nodded. “I understand master. In this world, the strong control the weak. However, over time, the weak may become the strong… Master, you have been kind to both me and big brother. One day, after I have joined the Burning Legion, I will make sure the Zhao family understands this concept.”


After all, the status of even a foot soldier of the Burning Legion was far greater than that of a common household. The Burning Legion was the pride of the Fire Nation, so how could a common household even compare in reputation?


  •' Dr.Shrykos says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

  •' cythril says:

    just me but… our MC suddenly changed hes image to a total dick? o3o
    i had the image of him as good and diligent person but now he was just too rude?
    oh hey no biggie i just gained a gift that would make every nation to go war just for a piece of it and hes just laughing and taking em as granted.. :L

    thanks anyways~

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      i have to agree with you, but remember he is only 10 and he is a slave. I figure sometime in the future he may change his views

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        Remember I was still a very rookie writer at this time 😛

        Also I guess if I really wanted to write it off, we could say that he probably doesn’t realize just how important of a thing he got. yet.

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