The Song of Swords Chapter 60

There was a foot long gash on Dou Di’s chest all the way from his clavicle to his stomach. Jia Yuan probed Dou Di’s aura with his own, and found that Dou Di’s aura was very weak, to the point of almost being nonexistent.

It seems that that Jie En’s strike actually affected Dou Di’s Song! But how is that possible? It was a shallow cut! Unless…

When a cultivator was progressing from one level to the next, for a split second, their very cultivation was at risk. If the cultivator received a shock during this progression, it was possible for them to lose the ability of their Song.

Thinking of this, Jia Yuan’s eyes burned with fury. However, he knew that he couldn’t blame Jie En for it. How was he supposed to know that his opponent was in the midst of a progression?

But how was he supposed to vent this fury in his heart? It was Dou Di who had steered his toward the path of cultivation! It was because of Dou Di that he had been so intent on joining the Burning Legion!

Dou Di was the only person he truly considered family in the whole wide world. And here he was, unlikely to be able to continue the path of cultivation. Jia Yuan could imagine Dou Di’s pain at realizing he wouldn’t be able to continue to cultivate.

There has to be something I can do!

But no matter how long or hard Jia Yuan thought of a solution, he was unable to come up with anything.

First things first.

Jia Yuan walked out of the stadium and arranged for a messenger to travel to HuoShen City. He told the messenger to look for reputable doctors who were used to dealing with harmed cultivators. The more the better. He also told the messenger that for each doctor he was able to bring, he would be heavily rewarded, and that the doctors would be heavily rewarded as well.

He then went back inside, and began to bargain with the doctors there to have Dou Di moved to a more sanitary location. After paying 20 large fire shards, Dou Di was transferred to a private room.

Finally, Jia Yuan went back to the stadium and walked up to the royal box. The guards knew who he was, and let him pass.

Walking into the royal box, he addressed the two ministers with clasped hands.

“Hello ministers, I was wondering if either of you could do me a favor.”

The two ministers glanced at each other. Truly, if they were able to help Jia Yuan, then it would be useful to be in the good will of someone with so much potential.

“If we are able to help, we will definitely do so. What is it you need help with?”

“My brother has suffered a shock while he was making a breakthrough.”

“Ah… and you want to see if we know of a way to help you, or if we know someone who can help you.”


The two ministers glanced at each other, then faced Jia Yuan. One of them spoke. “There is one way, but it is incredibly expensive and dangerous. You will have to find the scroll of a Song that is stronger than the one currently lying dormant in your brother’s body. You will then have you force the new Song into your brother’s body. At that point, the new Song will hopefully devour the old Song, and become your brother’s new Song.

Jia Yuan’s brow wrinkled as he thought about this information. It wasn’t impossible for him to obtain a stronger Song, but like the ministers said, it would be extremely expensive. But even if he somehow managed to find one… “You said this was a very dangerous process. Why?”

“Hmm. The danger comes from the new Song devouring the old Song. As you should know, the when one acquires a Song, the Song more or less cohabitates with the Soul. It is because of this, that a cultivator is able to use their Song to fight. When the new Song devours the old Song, there is always a chance that it may devour part of the soul. Even if that doesn’t happen, the old Song may try to devour the cultivator’s soul to stay alive. In all, this form of treatment has about a 20% success rate”

Jia Yuan felt his head spinning. Even if he somehow managed to find a high level Song for his brother, there was still an 80% chance his brother would die. At least in his current state, Dou Di was still alive. He could still be useful to the Burning Legion in other ways, such as being a strategist.

What do I do?

Jia Yuan decided that it was time to ask his teacher for help.

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