The Song of Swords Chapter 61

Jia Yuan decided to wait for the doctors from HuoShen City first. While he trusted the two ministers, they definitely weren’t too well versed in medicine. Jia Yuan still held hope that there would be a surefire way for Dou Di to recover.

A day after, Dou Di had been released from the medical center. He was still unconscious, but physical health was good enough that Jia Yuan felt it safer for him to be out of that medical center.

As such, Jia Yuan had laid Dou Di down on his bed in the inn, and had been taking care of him ever since.

Just an hour or two before sunset, some carriages arrived at the inn. It was the doctors from HuoShen City!

The messenger brought the doctors into the inn to Jia Yuan’s room and knocked.

“Hello sir, I’ve brought the doctors.”

Jia Yuan had some hope in his heart. Maybe the doctors would be able to save his brother!

“Come in, come in.”

The doctors all walked in. Jia Yuan counted them. The messenger had brought 12 doctors. A few of them were viewed in reverence by the other doctors. It seemed that somehow, the messenger had been able to attract some big names.

“You’ve done well. You brought 12 doctors over, so I’ll give you 120 large fire shards.”

The messenger was ecstatic! He had spent the previous day running around HuoShen City trying to persuade doctors to come.

But the payout was worth it! 120 large fire shards would be able to last him a lifetime. Or at least a few weeks if you wanted to live in absolute luxury.

Jia Yuan turned and faced the doctors. “The boy there on that bed is my brother. He was in the middle of progressing his cultivation when he was dealt a shocking blow. As such, he’s currently unconscious and he will be unable to utilize his Song when he wakes up. As medical experts, I’m sure you all know what I mean.”

“Whoever is able to fix the issue at hand will be rewarded heavily. I can pay 50,000 large fire shards at the time of success and I can promise another 100,000 large fire shards from the Black Wing Merchant Guild.

The doctors glanced at each other, then approached the bed. One by one, they began to examine Dou Di with a variety of techniques. This ranged from feeling his heart rate, to probing his body with their respective auras.

After a while, most of the doctors had withdrawn to the corner of the room. They knew that they didn’t have the knowledge nor skills to treat the patient. However, they wanted to see if any of the other doctors could.

After a while, only the two doctors who the others had been looking at with eyes of reverence remained. One of them had taken some instruments out and was using them to examine Dou Di’s body, while the other had placed his hand over Dou Di’s chest and had been muttering to himself for the past while.

They examined Dou Di’s body for several hours. They would take small breaks, during which they would sit down with their arms crossed or scratching their head.

Finally, the two doctors stepped back as well.

“Young sir, there truly is nothing we can do. There is probably not a single medical expert on this continent that is capable of treating your brother through normal means. Of course, there is the matter of providing him with a higher level Song… although this method is rather dangerous.”

Jia Yuan nodded, but there was a frown on his face. He had already known of this method due to the two ministers.

It seems that there is truly no surefire way to save my brother.

He waved at the doctors, who took the cue and left the room.

Jia Yuan sat on his bed, looking at Dou Di in despair. Dou Di had progressed very far in the tournament, enough to grant him a position as a 10 or 100 man commander in the Burning Legion. But that was with his old strength!

Now that he was crippled… If he stayed a soldier, he would only be able to be a common fighter in the Army.

Jia Yuan only had one hope left! He found a pen and some paper, and began to write a message.

Upon finishing, he left the inn, and called the same messenger back.

“I have another message for you to send. You will be rewarded well for this. Go to the Black Wing Merchant Guild Hall and tell them that Jia Yuan has a personal message for Guo Huo. Let them know that I am a gold card owner. If they do not believe you, tell them to check their records. This must be done with the greatest amount of speed.”

The messenger nodded and ran towards HuoShen City with all the speed he could muster.

Jia Yuan returned to the room. There wasn’t anything he could immediately do for his brother, but there was something he could do for himself.

Win the tournament!

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