The Song of Swords Chapter 62

The next day, Jia Yuan sat in the stands along with the rest of those who had qualified Burning Legion. It was the last day of the tournament.

The last day of the Burning Legion tournament is closed off to commoners. Only nobility and members of the Burning Legion are allowed to watch.

Even so, there were easily more than 50 thousand viewers in the stands. After all, the Burning Legion, with the new recruits, numbered over 31 thousand. The rest of the viewers were from noble families, of which there were many in the Fire Kingdom.

Virtually all of the noble families in the Fire Kingdom had sent representatives to watch the tournament. Noble families would try to garner favor with those who compete on the last day. These would all be fighters with great strength and potential.

For some of these noble families, it was a chance for them to revel in the successes of their younger generation. As such, some of the families in the stands loudly boasted of how their family genius had made it so far in the tournament, how strong and smart they were, and so on.

Jia Yuan sat next to the stage, which had long ago been repaired from his fight with Jie En. He had a rather sad but determined look on his face. He was sad because of his brother, but determined for his own future.

In pairs, the last 50 contenders went to fight on the stage. One by one, they left the stage in either victory or defeat.

Finally, it was Jia Yuan’s turn to grace the stage again.

So far, all of the competitors had been either the son or daughter of a noble family. Each time, their family would cheer loudly as they walked onto the stage.

However, while there was a group in the stands that cheered for Jia Yuan’s opponent, when he walked onto the stage, there was but absolute silence.

After a bit, some murmurs began to spread through the stands.

“Heh? Did that boy’s family not come?”

“What family is he from? Does anyone know?”

How could they imagine that Jia Yuan had no family? The accepted train of thought was that a noble family meant money. Money meant pills and higher level Songs, which meant improved cultivation. How can someone who was not a noble cultivate to such a degree? What kind of talent would that take?

Jia Yuan walked onto the stage with his chin held high, with the demeanor a god looking at mortals.

He looked at his opponent.

Same height and build as me. Stance is slightly unbalanced. Right arm seems to be stronger. Double axe wielder.

The two started their Songs, generating their respective auras.

5th level of Absorption. Medium level Song.

Jia Yuan wouldn’t even put this sort of cultivation level in his eyes.

The Jia Yuan of today was not the generous, dryly amused Jia Yuan of the last few weeks. He had only one goal, and everyone who stood in his way would have to be taken care of.

The main reason behind this change was obviously the state his brother was in. How could he be in the good mood when his brother lay unconscious, perhaps unable to walk the road of martial cultivation ever again?

As soon as the round started, Jia Yuan lifted HiRyu over his head and condensed the power of his Song into the sword and his arms. A giant sword of fire grew from HiRyu’s tip, growing to be over 20 feet long.

Seeing this, Jia Yuan’s opponent’s face paled. What sort of monster was he fighting?

He immediately surrendered and jumped off of the stage.

After extinguishing the sword of fire, Jia Yuan walked off of the stage as well.

After about half an hour of watching others fight, it was Jia Yuan’s turn to fight again. However, having seen Jia Yuan’s strength earlier, his opponent directly surrendered.

Funnily enough, this happened until Jia Yuan was in the semifinals. No one was willing to risk themselves fighting against such a monster.

However, given that it was the semifinals, there was finally who felt strong enough to give Jia Yuan a shot.

It was Lin Pei, who was actually the brother of Lin Xuan, the staff fighter who Jia Yuan had previously fought. He, like his brother, used an unusual weapon, the nunchaku.

As soon as the round began, the two rushed at each other. Lin Pei had the same cultivation as his brother, and despite having a weaker cultivation than Jia Yuan, he was able to gain the advantage due to his weapon.

Jia Yuan had never fought against a nunchaku expert before and was quickly overwhelmed by the flurry of attacks.

Right! Left! Down! Up! Soon it felt like his entire field of vision was covered with nunchucks. Jia Yuan had only fought against axe and sword users, and only in the tournament did he fight against a staff user for the first time.

None of them prepared him for this! With axes and swords, whether single handed, two-handed, or dual-wielded, Jia Yuan knew the possible ranges and attack patterns. After all, a static, unchanging weapon is fairly easy to keep track of.

However, the nunchaku techniques employed Lin Pei were the exact opposite. The nunchaku techniques Lin Pei used were not only extremely fast, but confusing and unexpected in Jia Yuan’s eyes.

Since Jia Yuan’s cultivation and aura were both higher than that of Lin Pei’s getting hit didn’t do too much damage, but over time Jia Yuan began to feel the impact of the bruises.

It was truly annoying to fight against a nunchaku user!

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