The Song of Swords Chapter 63

Jia Yuan continued to suffer the onslaught of attacks from Lin Pei.

However, Lin Pei was secretly starting to panic. He had been fighting at a speed and ferocity that he could not sustain for a long period of time. Even with the benefits of his Song, he could fight like he had been for about 2-3 minutes. For just about most cultivators, the onslaught would overwhelm them in a matter of seconds, never mind minutes.

However, he was starting to feel drained of energy, stabs of pain affecting his mind. His movements began to slow, and his aura began to flicker and weaken.

How could someone who had fought so many rounds at the arena fail to recognize this? Jia Yuan’s hopes sparked as he saw his opponent begin to struggle. He had been contemplating whether or not he had to show his 6th level of Absorption. As it turns out, he didn’t need to!

This took a load off of Jia Yuan’s chest. Without the stress of this looming decision, he relaxed.

When the body relaxes, the muscles are less strained, and the body is therefore able to move faster, more fluid, and basically better overall.

As Lin Pei’s attacks began to lose strength and slow down, Jia Yuan began to take the offensive, overwhelming Lin Pei with attacks. With the freeing of his mind, Jia Yuan also began to fight in a more dynamic matter, dashing around Lin Pei between attacks, overloading Lin Pei’s sense of danger, as Lin Pei had done to him previously.

Slash! Jia Yuan dashed to the right and cut towards Lin Pei’s right side!

Dash! Jia Yuan was now at Line Pei’s left, and he slashed toward the left side!

Jump! Now Jia Yuan was hovering over Lin Pei. He sent his flaming sword downwards.

Lin Pei tried to block, but he simply had no more strength left! His arms crumbled and he collapsed on the stage.

Jia Yuan had won yet again! As the referee announced it, everyone in the stands applauded and were quite impressed with the bout.

But Jia Yuan wasn’t happy at all! The match had shown that he still had some severe flaws in his fighting ability. He still had limited experience, and still sometimes tensed up too much when he was being overwhelmed.

The final round came just a few minutes later.

Jia Yuan’s final opponent was yet again one of the 8 who had been invited to HuoShen Palace. He wielded a uniquely shaped axe. The main portion of the weapon was a metal pole and at each end was an axe head.

Yes, it was a two-headed axe.

The weapon looked very dangerous, but also very heavy. Jia Yuan was rather surprised! There were even unusual weapons such as this in the royal armory!

However, Jia Yuan wasn’t worried at all. In essence, he was just fighting another axe user. This round… should end quickly.

The two clasped their hands toward each other, prepared their stances, and the fight began!

After the last round, Jia Yuan was somewhat frustrated and wanted to vent a little, as well as show off a little. After all, he’s still a human, and was a little vain. As such… as soon as the fight started, he prepared his strongest attack!

His strongest attack was the same move he had first used against the bandits he had met back when all he had was a wooden sword.

Sword Unsheathing!

Back then, he had only been able to cause a bit of flame to surround the sword, making it enough to attack with and be dangerous, but it was still a rather weak attack.

Now, however, even in the sheath, HiRyu hummed with all the power of a raging dragon, ready to burst out and devour its foes.

His opponent rushed toward him, his double-headed axe imposing as he closed the gap between him and Jia Yuan.

At the same time, Jia Yuan dashed past his opponent, slashing outwards with HiRyu at the same time!

All the viewers in the stands saw was a brief glimpse of Jia Yuan tilting his body forward, clearly preparing to dash… and then his body disappeared. They saw a streak of red/white flame streak past Zeng Bao, the opponent, and then they saw Jia Yuan “reappear” about two or feet behind Zeng Bao.

For a few seconds, the air was still, and not a sound was heard.

Then Zeng Bao collapsed, a few dying embers could be seen surrounding his body.

The viewers in the stands were in an uproar! The final round had actually ended so quickly! They had seen Jia Yuan struggle with his last opponent, so did it just mean that this opponent was weak?

But one thing was clear! Jia Yuan was the victor of the Burning Legion Tournament, and he was the newest battalion leader of the Burning Legion!

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