The Song of Swords Chapter 65

~2 Months Later~

The 31st Battalion had been posted at the border between the Fire Kingdom and the Earth Kingdom for the last two months.

Dou Di had woken over a month ago, and had been completely distraught at his lack of power. He would have bursts of strength in times when his Song randomly activated, but for the most part he was unable to fight or cultivate.

However, today was the day Jia Yuan would try to restore his older brother’s cultivation. Guo Huo had provided him, at great cost to the funds of the Black Wing Merchant Guild, a high level Song. Along with the high level Song, Guo Huo had sent a person who he said was a genius, worthy of being a strategist for the 31st Battalion.

In the commander’s tent, Dou Di was sitting at a table. In front of him was the high level Song. He knew that once he began to try to absorb the Song, he would be in a situation of life or death… with the odds against him.

But the last month had been a world of despair for him. Only by thinking about the small chance of being able to restore his ability to cultivate was he able to keep on going.

The moment had come! Dou Di reached out his hand to absorb the Song, and the information coursed through his head.

At the same time, a third soul approached the conjoined form of Dou Di’s soul and his first Song.

The third soul seemed to ponder the form in front of him. Then, it rushed toward said form and began to devour the first Song. Upon seeing this, Dou Di’s soul shuddered.

In the physical world, Jia Yuan looked at Dou Di, who was sprawled unconscious over the table. He was very, very worried for his older brother. There was only a 20% chance of surviving! He paced around the tent while waiting for any type of response from Dou Di’s body.

In the meantime, Dou Di’s first Song had already been completely devoured by the high level Song. This Song then turned towards Dou Di’s Soul.

At this point, Dou Di’s soul was perfectly fine. The high level Song approached Dou Di’s soul, and attached itself to it.

It was a success!

In the physical world, Dou Di opened his eyes and sat up. Jia Yuan saw, and ran over to the table.

“Is it over? Did you succeed?”

Dou Di’s eyes glazed over with happiness. “Yes! I can cultivate again! I can feel the energy of the Song… I can cultivate again!”

He turned around and embraced Jia Yuan. He knew that his little brother had gone through quite some difficulty to secure him a high level Song. After all, a high level Song costs a fortune!

At this time, the “genius” Guo Huo had sent along with the high level Song stepped into the tent. “I sensed that your brother’s cultivation had come back. Congratulations.”

The genius’ name was Fan Meng. He had a weak cultivation, only at the 3rd level of Absorption with a low level Song, but according to Guo Huo, he had an unmatched mind. Not only has he memorized various strategies used by the four Kingdoms, but he has also created his own counterstrategies to these strategies. The only thing he needs now, is to prove his worth on the battlefield.

It is easy for one to come up with ideas when they are resting in their cozy study, but it is much harder to execute the strategies and come up with new ones on the fly under the pressure of thousands of lives!

“It’s good that his strength is back. He can keep his post as a squad leader (squad= 10 people) without being looked at with condescending gazes. It is strength that speaks in this world…” Fan Meng looked wistfully at Jia Yuan.

Fan Meng was slightly older than most of the members of the 31st Battalion at 18 years of age, but his cultivation was far lower. Initially when he had first acquired his Song, he had tried to cultivate, but his speed was simply too slow! As such, he changed his focus and studied to become a strategist instead.

However, he still had some regrets. Seeing someone such as Jia Yuan, who was still so young be so strong as to become a battalion commander for the Burning Legion, he couldn’t help but be a little jealous.

Of course, he also viewed Jia Yuan with respect. By now, Jia Yuan’s story had been embellished and passed through the entire Fire Kingdom.

A slave boy, bought by an executive of the Black Wing Merchant Guild, achieved his freedom and went to BlueFire City, where he promptly became a champion of the arena, squashing opponents far above his cultivation level.

A prodigy! A story that gave slaves and commoners throughout the land hope for the future. Maybe, if they were lucky and worked hard, they could have an illustrious future like Jia Yuan!

After the congratulations, Fan Meng left the tent while the two brothers celebrated Dou Di’s recovery. Dou Di was truly lucky to have succeeded.

Over the next few days, Jia Yuan worked to integrate this strategist into the 31st Battalion. They ran drills based on formations and tactics.

Furthermore, this strategist helped the commoners among the 31st Battalion to improve their methods of cultivation. After all, many of them, while talented, didn’t have a teacher or guide to learn from.

In this manner the months passed and the 31st Battalion’s strength grew as they trained and learned.

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