The Song of Swords Chapter 8

As he neared the village, Jia Yuan’s nostrils filled with the smell of smoke and blood. Clearly, the fighting had resulted in quite some bloodshed already.

Jia Yuan reached the edge of the village, and saw about ten bandits brandishing steel scimitars while chasing a group of children who looked to be less than 8 years old.

“You bastards!” Screamed Jia Yuan as he charged at the bandits.

When he came within a meter of the bandits, he dug his back foot in the ground and sent out an explosion of force to dash through the bandits as he drew his wooden sword at the same time!

This was the sword unsheathing method, which Jia Yuan had developed as an efficient way to begin his Dance. As such, Jia Yuan’s first real fight after acquiring a Song had begun.

The dash propelled Jia Yuan through the ten bandits, and he sliced through all ten with a single strike of his sword.

A bystander would have noticed that not only was Jia Yuan’s dash fast, but when he had propelled himself using his back foot, a fiery blaze exploded out from under said foot, adding to the force of the dash. In addition, his sword strike was not only fast and forceful, but his sword was surrounded by a thick fiery aura.

As such was the power of a Song. Not only could Jia Yuan use the power of fire, but he would not be harmed his own fire, and this self-protection was even applied to his clothes and weapons.

After slaying the ten bandits, Jia Yuan felt a surge of power course through his body.

The 2nd level of Absorption!

I guess I just needed some external stimulus, huh.

However, there seemed to be over a hundred bandits fighting about 50 men of the village. As for their strength, the ones that had been dispatched by Jia Yuan were the weakest. (which was why they were chasing children)

It looks like this will be a fun battle.

For the first time in his life, Jia Yuan was fighting to the death against other humans.

For the first time in his life, he was fighting more than one opponent at once.

For the first time in his life, he felt the joy of a battle.

Although the above took a while to explain, it all happened within the span of about three seconds. In less than three seconds, a child at the age of 11, had slain 10 grown men, who despite being weak, were used to being bandits and had somewhat gotten used to using their scimitars.

Unfortunately for them, none of them had acquired a Song, and thus had not reached even the 1st level of Absorption. As such, these grown men could not even compare to the child they had just been slain by.

Jia Yuan finished surveying the surroundings and began to sprint toward the villagers. After all, he had to do his best to keep them alive, or he himself may die from being surrounded by bandits. In this battle, he and the villagers were makeshift allies.

However, how could all of the bandits be so weak?

In fact, the leader of the bandits was at the 5th level of Absorption, and he was using the power of his Song to suppress the villagers.

But alas, this is where Jia Yuan’s inexperience came into play.

Jia Yuan foolishly assumed that all of the bandits were at the strength of the bandits he had met previously, and charged into the midst of the fighting, trading blows with several bandits at once.

Fortunately, Jia Yuan immediately realized his mistake when the first few bandits he encountered easily parried his blows.

Shit! I made a mistake! I have to get out of here!

Jia Yuan looked around him. He had unwittingly ran into an earlier conflict, and now he and 3 other villagers were surrounded by 5 bandits.

It looks like I will have to use my Song.

Jia Yuan immediately calmed his soul, and prepared his Song.

The villagers beside him noticed the change in this child’s aura and were shocked, questions emerging in their minds.

“What? Such a young kid has acquired a Song?”

“Is he a noble? But that can’t be, his clothes are tattered and faded! Even if he is a free man, he looks like a beggar!”

“How strong is this kid? Is it enough to save us?”

The 5 bandits surrounding Jia Yuan had not noticed the change within Jia Yuan, as they didn’t think much of this kid with a wooden sword who had joined the fray. After all, they didn't have time to, as they had three villagers standing in front of them with real weapons as well.

For the first time in history, the Song of Swords was about to show its domineering ability.


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