The Song of Swords Chapter 9

At this moment, in the deepest reaches of Jia Yuan’s soul, the Song started with the sound of a drum.


Jia Yuan’s eyes shut themselves, and he gave his soul to the Song.


Two more drum hits sounded.


And then, in an instant, a full Song sounded out!


At that instant, in the outside world, Jia Yuan performed the sword unsheathing method.


Not only was there a thick fiery aura around the wooden sword, but this time, the sword was engulfed in a raging inferno. This awe-inspiring scene caused the entire battlefield to turn their eyes to Jia Yuan.


Everybody present said the same thing in their mind.




Of course, Jia Yuan was currently in the midst of his Song, and he didn’t know what had just occurred on the battlefield. All he knew was that his Song was still playing, and he felt as if he was falling in a sea of darkness.


In the outside world, Jia Yuan resembled a fire god as he tore through the ranks of the bandits, swinging his sword in a violent yet almost elegant manner. Jia Yuan was performing a Dance in accordance with the Song of Swords. Walls of fire were erected around him, and quite frankly, he was starting to do as much damage to the village as the bandits had.


To the villagers and the bandits, it didn’t matter that it was a child with a wooden sword. What did matter, was that this child had killed nearly half of the bandits attacking the village! Not only that, but the simple wooden sword in his hand that was worth not a single small fire shard lit ablaze in the shape of an axe! This truly gave Jia Yuan the look of s strong warrior.


“Retreat! Retreat!”


“Get out of here, he’s a freaking demon!”


Panicked shouts scattered through the bandits’ ranks, and they promptly began to run away. The bandit leader himself glared across the village at Jia Yuan before running away himself.


As the leader of several hundred bandits, he was a strong warrior at the 5th level of Absorption. This was more than strong enough to be a 400 or 500 man commander in the Army! But even he was not strong enough to cause the destruction that he had just witnessed. This sent a pang of jealousy and anger into his heart.


He could not accept it! How could a common-looking child be so strong? How could a child possess so much destructive power? But so many of his followers, his comrades, had fallen to this child.


It was truly hard for him to swallow this fact.


Back at the village, Jia Yuan’s body abruptly stopped attacking the retreating bandits, and his body shuddered.


Then, it stopped moving. Jia Yuan’s body erupted into flame, but he did not move. In fact, at this moment, he was achieving yet another breakthrough!


Before he had entered the battle, his body was already strong enough to support the 3rd level of Absorption. With the help of the pills which he consumed almost daily, his soul was also strong enough to support the 3rd level of Absorption. In fact, Jia Yuan originally had a strong soul anyway, so with the help of the pills, his soul was almost strong enough to support the 4th level of Absorption! Such a speed of development could only be attributed to a genius of a noble family! For while a commoner could rely on their own speed, the prized geniuses of a noble family would have their development supplemented by a surplus of pills!


Of course, how would anyone else know that Jia Yuan had previously acquired 1600 extremely high quality pills? As Jia Yuan exhibited the aura of the 3rd level of Absorption, the villagers could only attribute the combination of his strength and age to a freakishly high level of natural ability.


As for why Jia Yuan broke through to the 3rd level of Absorption so quickly after being gated at the 1st level of Absorption, can be attributed to how he fought during the battle.


What Jia Yuan had done by handing over control of his body over to the Song was extremely dangerous, which was why nobody else in the battle hand done it. However, Jia Yuan did not know about the dangers associated with this method.


When Jia Yuan handed over control of his body to the Song, he was able to achieve a strength far higher than he would have if he had performed his Dance in accordance with the Song of Swords himself. After all, he was still absorbing the power of the Song, and while he trained well, he was only at the early stage of the Absorption level. How could his control of the Dance compare to the control of the Song itself? While the Song of Swords was not yet able to exhibit its true strength, it was able to fight to the utmost limits of Jia Yuan’s body.


However, in return, he put his soul in jeopardy. When he handed control of his body to the Song, his own soul was swapped into where the soul of the Song usually resided, hence why he felt as if he was falling in a sea of darkness. How could his fledgling soul compare to that of the Song? The soul of the Song was made to live in this environment, whereas Jia Yuan’s soul was nowhere near close enough to being able to survive in this environment for long.


To cultivate a strong understanding of the Song, one needed not only a strong soul, but one with depth. As such, doing what Jia Yuan had done, inadvertently moving his own soul to the sea of his Song, was the fastest way to train the depth of a soul. After all, what better place to understand one’s Song than the place their Song resides? However, it was also the most dangerous.


The feeling of drowning that Jia Yuan experienced was real, but it wasn't his body that had been drowning. In fact, his own soul had been drowning. This was the risk involved with this method. The “dark sea” that he was in was in fact a sea of souls.

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